Spanish Steps and Tour of Pantheon, Rome

Finishing up our second evening in Rome – Wow! It feels like we’ve really packed a lot in two days but without feeling rushed. Just slowly wandering about a few blocks in Rome absorbing the atmoshere is pretty amazing.

The renowned Spanish Steps seemed to be something we should see, so from the Pantheon we wandered in the direction we thought the map was indicating. You just never know what you’ll see as you look up an alley or street…

Rome yellow columned bldg vert corner

Rome yellow columned bldg

Rome bldg with blue skies

Rome bldg with flags

Rome Piazza Colonna obelisk

Rome chow in doorwayTourists were everywhere in this area which has high-end retail stores along the streets. I am not a shopper, so this was not an enjoyable area for me. It was like being on a New York City sidewalk. We finally made it to the Spanish Steps – here they are. The steps did not look fun for me, and I was afraid Wally would blow out his knee on his second day, so this is the only view you’ll see. Rome Spanish Steps & fountain

Rome Spanish StepsEnough of that… back to the Pantheon Piazza area ~ It’s time for refreshment!

Rome Peroni bottle, Pantheon PiazzaWe were sitting right here…

Rome Pantheon columns & porch roof

We hung out sitting on the wall next to the Pantheon for quite a while, drinking Italian beer. I realized I had downloaded Rick Steves audio tour of the Pantheon onto my phone, so we sat there listening to his tour and people watching. Rome Pantheon Wally beer drinkingPantheon Piazza  Rome Pantheon Piazza in daytimeAfter polishing off our beer, it was time to see the inside of the Pantheon…

Rome Pantheon doors, vert

You walk through those massive doors and your eyes are immediately drawn upward to the occulus

Rome Pantheon interior vert

Rome Pantheon occulus roof

Rome Pantheon painting

Rome Pantheon madonna & child, Raphael's tomb

Rome Pantheon hori interior view  Rome Pantheon columns, statues, paintings  Rome Pantheon columned altar  Rome Pantheon angel statue

Rome Pantheon angel & painting

Rome Pantheon altar & paintingsAnother round of beer after our tour and a salute to the Pantheon!

Rome Pantheon & PeroniThis guy was playing right next to us – I gave him a tip and he gave me a big smile

Rome Pantheon accordian player

Sunset falling on the piazza – the windows of the building in the background are glowing. It’s really an amazing feeling in the evening. Musicians take turns playing in the piazza, giving it a warm, welcoming feeling, people are chatting and milling about, silverwear is clinking at the restaurants. Really a magical experience if you just slow down and sit a spell…

Rome Pantheon at sunset, Wally

Rome Pantheon front at nightWe had my birthday dinner at one of the little cafes on a side street off the piazza that offered a wine and dinner special. At this point, things become a little fuzzy. I remember talking with a Dutch group at the table next to us, and drinking wine and champagne, but things start to get a little iffy after that.

Wally says I had gelato for dessert and has photos to prove it. Not my finest birthday photo, but hey – I’m celebrating in ROME! I guess I got a bit chilly and wrapped up.

Jamie eating gelato

What???Jamie, gelato faceSo, that’s our second and last night in Rome. Tomorrow, I’ll be moaning, Wally will be laughing and we’ll be picking up our rental car to drive north. Nothing like navigating with a hangover in a foreign country…


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