A Day in Sorrento, Italy

It was a pretty morning, so we decided to venture from Massa Labrense to Sorrento by public bus with Lucia as our leader. We first had to walk from Villa Erca down to Massa where the buses departed for Sorrento, which is over a mile – maybe two, but it’s hard to tell on these curvy, hilly roads.

Erca best from below, closeAs we were going down the main road, (with still a long ways to go), Lucia begins flagging down cars that look like they have enough room for us. “We’ll hitch a ride,” she exclaimed “We do it all the time!” Okay…. When in Italy – I guess! So a youngish fellow stops for us and we all climb in and they chatter away in Italian. He has apparently lost his pack of cigarettes under his seat and couldn’t drive and dig for them, so has Lucia to hunt for them. Wally and I are looking at each other, shaking our heads in disbelief and laughing. He dropped us off at the bus stop and zoomed off on his way. Grazie!

We were to learn that Lucia will also flag down cars and motorcycles going at high speeds to get directions (she jumps in front of them and waves her arms), and moving buses to get their schedules. Never a dull moment with Lucia!

We got our bus tickets in a cafe next to the Massa tourist center and readied ourselves for our first bus ride on the coast of Amalfi. Holy Cow! I’m sure our eyes were big as saucers as we wound over those curvy narrow hills with buses passing with only inches to spare! Whew – I was glad when we made it to our destination of Sorrento without crashing or going off a cliff!

Sorrento piazzaLucia guided us over towards a hotel with a great view of the Mediterranean.

Sorrento mermaid statue hotel

Sorrento, Jamie and Wally, water behind

Sorrento Wally, Pompeii in backgroundFisherman with Mt. Vesuvius in the background

Sorrento Fisherman silhouetted, Pompeii

Sorrento Wally & Lucia, hotel patioWe went through the hotel’s common areas, appreciating their lovely decor. The highly detailed wood inlay pictures are a local specialty.

Sorrento hotel sitting area, wood inlay pics

Sorrento Lucia on hotel steps

Sorrento marble lion

Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

Sorrento view to Pompeii

Sorrento view of cliff, sun platformsThese platforms are their version of beaches for summer sunning areas

Sorrento sunning platforms, Pompeii

Sorrento sun platform closeupWalking down to the marina

Sorrento road to boat docks

Sorrento buildings on cliff vert

Sorrento Hotel Il Faro Ristorante Vela Bianca

Sorrento Ristorante Vela Bianca tilesView back up to town perched on the cliffs

Sorrento Excelsior Vittoria hotel on cliff, boatWe took an elevator that cost 1 euro each (it was worth it) back up to the top.

Lucia showed us the lovely San Francesco Cloister courtyard with this graceful weeping willow.

Sorrento Cloister willow

Sorrento Cloister hall vert

Sorrento Cloister courtyard view, tower

Sorrento Cloister arches

Sorrento Lucia in arch

Sorrento Cloister 3 arches

Jamie, Sorrento cloister best

Jamie and Wally, Sorrento CloisterOur next stop was the Il Nostro Limoncello Factory. Yummy! So refreshing and tart. They have lemon ice slushies and limoncello with alcohol and limoncello jellies and a cake-like dessert. We bought some little jellies for gifts and had a slushie.

Sorrento Limoncello store entrance

Sorrento Limoncello girl

Sorrento Limoncello display, jelliesIngredients for their special cakes…

Sorrento Limoncello dessert ingredients

Sorrento Limoncello bottling room

Sorrento Limoncello table, lemonsLimoncello bottles

Sorrento Giardini Di Cataldo Limoncello bottlesWe were passing by A Stinga and ventured inside to see their inlaid works of art.

Sorrento A. Stinga shop exterior

Sorrento A. Stinga room view

Sorrento A. Stinga rolltop desk

Sorrento A. Stinga pictures clsupThe proprietor was putting together this intricate design…

Sorrento A. Stinga owner working

Sorrento A. Stinga paper beginning

This was the box we picked out for our trip souvenir…

Sorrento A. Stinga owner with our boxAnd this fellow was cutting out wood pieces for the designs…

Sorrento A. Stinga older fellow working

Sorrento A. Stinga older fellow smilingI loved the soft water color look of the painted pieces.

Sorrento A. Stinga monks in kitchen

Sorrento A. Stinga cloister and boat Sorrento A. Stinga checkerboard tablesSomething for everyone!

Sorrento A. Stinga boxes & smalls

Sorrento A. Stinga wall displayWe turned into the historic shopping district and this neat nautical window drew me inside. It was a soap shop.

Sorrento soap window displayThey had handmade little ceramic or pottery octopus and other figures that were charming and came with a bag of lemon soaps.

Sorrento Soap, octopusI got some lemon soaps for gifts. Some looked just like a real lemon.

Sorrento Jamie in soap shop

Sorrento ceramics shop, street

Sorrento belts & bags

Sorrento bell towerRed coral comes from the area and I was boggled by all the beautiful jewelry. Literally boggled – I couldn’t make up my mind what to get as there were so many choices, so I didn’t get any. Cameos are also a local claim to fame.

Sorrento coral necklaces

Sorrento coral and cameos

Sorrento clothing boutique, whites

Sorrento fish wall fountainTime for a lunch break!

We chose several fresh seafood plates at Ristorante Da Gigino and they were delicious.

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino ext

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino outside menu

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino octopus, potato appetizer

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino Jamie & plate

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino seafood dish

Sorrento Ristorante Da Gigino pasta plateNow time to walk it off again with more shopping. I love the bold Italian silk ties..

Sorrento Italian silk tiesAnd the breezy, summery attire

Sorrento ladies sleeveless blouses, shopLove their summer linen fashions!

Sorrento Linen clothing boutique display

Sorrento mens linen shirts, scarves

Pretty church along the way

Sorrento church and sky vertHandmade Italian sandals

Sorrento flip flop wall display

Sorrento arched door and sandals

Sorrento produce shop display

Sorrento pinocchio figure shopGorgeous Venetian glass chandelier

Sorrento pink chandelier

Sorrento church & palm

Sorrento Wally and good eats signThis was one of my favorite shops in Sorrento – very creative pottery and painted ceramic wares…

Sorrento Terrerosse sign

Sorrento Terrerosse sign & cups

Sorrento Terrerosse shop head

Sorrento Terrerosse platesVariety of sauces and spices and pastas and more…

Sorrento spices and sauces

Sorrento spice shop, LuciaAn antiques shop…

Sorrento antique chest, shop

Sorrento cactus and palmLucia loved this ancient tree

An pretty horse and carriage…

Sorrento horse & carriageAs we were going to the bus stop to catch a ride back to Massa, we looked over the railing to see an ancient ruin below. You just never know what you’ll see in Italy!

Sorrento Roman building in ravineThis old Fiat brought back lots of memories for Lucia. She said her family used to have one and pile in for road trips on vacation.

Sorrento Wally & Lucia with Fiat

Lucia on bus back SorrentoHome to Erca and rest!

Erca pool and houseThat’s all for today ~ next we’ll check out the Massa Labrense Marina and do some more walking.


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