Massa Labrense, Italy ~ Exploring The Marina

We decided to explore the Massa Lubrense marina community, so got on our walking shoes and headed down the hill. Lucia wanted to check out the “beach” area and relax and swim a bit, and we wanted to see the boats and restaurants.

Massa sign, Wally & Lucia

Massa, Lucia and Wally on walled pathThere are many pretty niches along the paths and roads…

Massa niche, half round planter

Massa niche painting blue bkground

Massa niche in rock wall on trailThe view from our trail above the marina towards Mt. Vesuvius in the background. Sorrento is around the corner of that penisula jutting out in the middle.

Massa marina, town and hill

Massa Wally, Marina and Massa bkgroundThe church in the marina community is lovely…

Massa marina church top, olives, water view

Massa marina church, bldgs, Bay of Naples

Massa marina village church top

Massa, Jamie and Lucia going down stepsAngelo’s Bar is perched by the marina with a nice view towards the Isle of Capri. They have indoor and outdoor dining.

Massa marina Angelos view & tablesAngelo’s from below

Massa marina Angelos from belowI’m not sure what these traps are used to capture…

Massa marina traps and rock wallI loved the colorful old-fashioned wooden boats bobbing in the marina.

Massa marina boat lineup

Massa marina all boats view

Massa marina boats 3:4 view blue sky

Massa marina boat clsup

Massa marina new boatsWe walked along the shore – here is their protected swimming area…

Massa swimming jettyBig black lava rocks provide erosion control

Massa marina lava rocksThis was Lucia’s beach destination. She likes to relax by the water and take a swim.

Massa beach and boat

The beach is made up of smooth pebbles

Massa beach rocks

Massa Lucia on rocky beachAnd amongst the pebbles were lots of bits of broken tile and sea glass.

Massa tile pieces on beachWe left Lucia to relax a while and went to check out the other restaurant at the marina, Funiculi Funicula for lunch. We were craving more fresh seafood.

Massa Funicula mini boatThey had just opened so we got a table next to the window.

Massa Funicula dining roomWe chose a seafood sampler appetizer to start…

Massa Funicula appetizer samplerWally got a local mixed seafood – prawn and mussels and clams

Massa Funicula seafood platter

Massa Funicular Rest, Wally plate

Massa Funicula Wally happy plateI had a baked entree but I can’t remember what it was, although I do remember it was good.

Massa Funicula starters

Massa marina, jamieAfter meeting back up with Lucia, we walked back through the town of Massa Labrense and had dessert at Bar Di Sarno. I love how the Italians offer sweets and liquor together. One-stop enjoyment for gelato, lemon ice, limoncello and other liquor.

Massa Bar Di Sarno tile shop nameWally had chocolate gelato with a side shot of limoncello

Massa Bar di Sarno Wally gelato & limoncello 1  A non-alcoholic lemon ice slush is refreshingMassa Bar di Sarno lemon ice dessertGelato!

Massa Bar Di Sarno gelatoTime to trek back up the hill to Villa Erca to rest! Next up, our day trip to Positano!


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