Day trip to Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy

Snapshots from our day trip visit to Positano from Massa Labrense with Lucia, her sister and a friend who drove for us. What an amazing adventure to ride along with these three fun Italian ladies as chauffeurs and tour guides!

We topped the hill after driving winding, curvy, NARROW roads to this view…

Positano overlook ferry leaving

Positano overlook houses blsupThere were vendors set up at the scenic view pull out where you could shop while you enjoyed the view.

Positano overlook linens

Positano produce & pepper display

The ferry boat  leaving from Positano.

Positano overlook town & waterThe hand-painted ceramics are gorgeous!

Positano ceramics shop vert

Positano ceramics shop hori

Positano painted bench back

Positano painted round table

Positano town tile muralPositano is known for its lovely summer fashions…

Positano style clothing hanging

Positano Brunella clothing shop

Positano Nadir clothing shop, dog shopper

Positano Lucia at Brunella

Positano white Scottie dog, clothingWe had a lemon slush drink to cool off…

Positano lemon ice vendor

Positano arched doorwayWe enjoyed this art gallery that had a secret garden out back…

Positano art gallery bull and lady sculpture

Positano art gallery cone hat lady sculpture

Positano art gallery fall painting

Positano art gallery hori olive tree painting

Positano art gallery olive tree painting

Positano art gallery horse & child sculpture

Positano art gallery lady sculpture in garden

Positano art gallery pottery in garden

Positano art gallery rope garden artLucia and her sister

Positano Lucia & sister, art museum rope

Positano art gallery squiggly art view

Positano art gallery tree and sea paintings

Positano art gallery water paintings

Positano art, people, water

Positano artist working

Positano painting

Positano beach and town view 1

Positano Wally on beach, hill view good

The beach is small pebbles with sea glass

Positano beach pebbles, sea glass

Positano beach to hill view

Positano church dome view

Positano church steps

Positano limoncello cart display

Positano Bar Buca di Bacco

Positano seafood boat display

Positano seafood boat clsup

Positano dessert fridge

Positano desserts 1

Positano desserts 2

Positano from below vert view

Positano gelato eaters, park

Positano houses on cliff terraces

Positano Jamie & hill

We decided to have lunch at L’Incanto beside the beach

Positano L'Incanto Ristorante sign, awning

Positano L'Incanto pizza guy

Positano L'Incanto pizza and beer vert

Positano L'Incanto pizza clsupAfter lunch we met back up with the girls at La Brezza. They are friends with the owner and he introduced us to his limoncello.

Positano La Brezza friends good

Positano La Brezza patio

Positano la Breeza Lucia and friend, limoncellos

Positano La Brezza friends waving

Positano La Brezza friends, Jamie clsup

Positano La Brezza limoncello & rose

Positano Jamie & Wally limoncellos 1

Round 2…

Positano La Brezza limoncellos clsup

Positano La Brezza Lucia smiling thru flowers

Positano La Brezza Wally limoncello

Positano lion sculpture at steps

Positano umbrella beach to town view

Positano Jamie & Wally limoncellos clsup

Positano view from above

Positano ferry leaving bay

Going away… time to head back to Villa Erca!


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