Nah Uxibal, Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ February 2014

Two Weeks in Paradise…

Tropical view of heaven, Soliman Bay

Nah Uxibal front blue sky day

Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay, Mexico is our favorite tropical destination, and we always try to escape the cold winter blahs in Tennessee during January or February. This winter was especially brutal. Wally had recovered enough from his knee replacement surgery in November to finish off his recuperation on Soliman Bay. We got online at when his doctor gave him his marching orders to see if there were any openings and got lucky.  Studio Ha was open the first week, and Nah Ka’an was open the second. Woo hoo! Ready for my hammock and warm breezes.

Uxibal red hammock, palm, big hori

Our time slot was the first two weeks of February, so we got to watch the Super Bowl in Mexico and a full-moon Valentine’s Day on the beach.

Uxibal sunset view sunspot

The grocery is always our first priority on arrival. The new Chedraui on the Tulum Beach Road is our favorite. However, do NOT, EVER, go on a Sunday after lunch time. That is when the locals do their shopping and the lines can be 10-15 people deep.

Chedraui produce

Once back at “home” we soak all our veggies, fruits and leafy things in the iodine soak and put them in the drainer to dry. This kills the bad stuff and hopefully keeps us from getting sick. I love all the bright veggie colors!

Nah Uxibal rinsed veggies

Now time to hang out at the beach… Ahhhh

Nah Uxibal palapa fringe, shadow

We always meet new friends at Nah Uxibal, and this time there were quite a few from British Columbia and the Northeast, also escaping the horrible winter, as well as California (not so cold).

Uxibal Debbie, Patty & CliffOf course, Mimi the beach dog always sniffs out the dog lovers and hangs out for pets and treats.

Nah Uxibal Andrea & MimiSo how to spend the time in paradise…

Soliman Bay floaters

Nah Uxibal beach paddleball, Mimi

Soliman Bay beach float lounger

We tore ourselves away from the beach at dusk to head up the road to Oscar & Lalo’s bar to watch the Super Bowl.

Oscar & Lalo sign, full lot

Oscar & Lalo bridge & entrance

Oscar & Lalos maya head temple

Oscar & Lalo iguana & WallyOur group from the bay had the bar to ourselves with two televisions, so had a great time. Appetizers and cold cervezas kept on coming. The game was a big disappointment for us, but we had fun.

Oscar & Lalos Super Bowl amigos

Back on Soliman Bay…  we couldn’t have picked a better two weeks! The weather was perfect…

Nah Uxibal Palm and Kayaks

Uxibal, Wally reading, Soliman

Caretaker Victoria and family…

Uxibal Victoria and babies 2014

Mimi ear up on chaise

Uxibal sunset palapa top, birdWe love the new house, Nah Lu’um Ka’an and stayed upstairs our second week

Nah Luum palm, kayaks, chaises, blue sky

Nah Lu'um Ka'an, Wally on chaise

Nah Lu'um Ka'an front yard & house, blue sky

Hammock heaven…

Nah Lu'um Ka'an double hammock heaven

Uxibal red hammock, feet & palm vert

Uxibal palm and kayaks

Wally kayaking in

Uxibal palapa, blue sky


Wally in hammock, Uxibal

Uxibal palapa top, sunset burning, palms

Uxibal palapa top sunset silhouette

Uxibal palapa top cloudy sunset

Uxibal palapa top bird centered sunset

Uxibal kayakers Mimi on chaise

Uxibal chaise, palm, water vert

Uxibal beach view to south, blue skiesA visit to Tulum Beach by Mezzanine to show our new friends at Nah Uxibal around…

Tulum Beach view

Tulum Beach Debbie & AndreaI always love the refeshing and rehydrating Coco Frios – chilled fresh coconuts full of juice. Add some rum and you have a divine cocktail.

Tulum Beach coco frios vendor

Tulum Beach Coco Frios guy

Back at Soliman Bay, I am cruising through Ann Vanderhoff’s second book on their Caribbean adventures.   Spice Necklace book


Soliman sunset, birds in clouds


Soliman stormy sunrise kayakers, Beryl & mom

Soliman stormy sunrise kayakers, Beryl & mom 2Tropical showers bring brilliant rainbows…

Soliman Bay palm, big rainbow

Soliman Bay double rainbow

Soliman Bay rainbow, Mimi, kayaks

Soliman rainbow, Wally & Mimi

Soliman rainbow, palm, bird

The weather is here…  Soliman palm view, pretty water big

Soliman kayakers and sailboat

Soliman coco pretty waters

Soliman Bay weiner crab hunting, full moon

Soliman Bay View, rainbow in cloudsOur pilgrimage down to the south end of the beach to Chamico’s for fresh ceviche

Soliman Bay view from south to north

Chamicos mixta cevicheI always love seeing what creative children find to do on the beach…

Soliman Bay sand pyramidMuch to Wally’s dismay, I packed two metal detectors to hunt for treasure…

Soliman Bay treasure hunterMy big find – a $10 peso (about a dollar) and tons of beer tops and a few lost toys and trinkets. Sadly, no gold and no jewelry, but I had fun!

Jamie's $10 peso

Soliman Bay sunset, pelicans, pastels

Soliman Bay Sunrise, black and orangeThis is why you ALWAYS shake out your shoes before putting them on. Unfortunately I hadn’t, but fortunately it didn’t have room to sting my foot before I yanked off my water booty. Scorpion – not deadly but very painful.

Soliman Bay scorpion on stick

Soliman Bay pelican patrol

Soliman Bay pelican on rock

Soliman Bay palms vert  Soliman Bay palm tops hori

Soliman Bay low tide waters

Soliman Bay kiteboarder

We always enjoy massages by our Italian friend Lucia, Soliman Bay’s masseuse. She does massages in the shade of the palms or in her massage palapa behind Nah Lu’um Ka’an. Check out her Facebook page and like it at: Massage by Lucia sign

Massage by Lucia, back view  Massage by Lucia side view

Soliman Bay kayaks and cocos

Soliman Bay heavenly clouds 2

Soliman Bay heavenly clouds 1

Lila, our guest resident artist from New York… plein air painting on the beachNah Uxibal Lila painting, back view

Nah Uxibal Lila painting side view

Nah Uxibal Lila contemplating

Soliman Bay dark, light & aqua

Soliman Bay bright sunset cloudsSkip with Javier and Victoria’s newest adorable grandbaby

Skip and bambino

Nah Uxibal fish rockOne afternoon we went to Maya Tulum Spa to have massages, and while we were waiting for our time, I glimpsed some activity at the beach. It was a swimsuit photo shoot, and what a gorgeous setting and girls! We later found out it was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot. These were taken with my cell phone, so not best quality – sorry guys! Here’s the link to check out Maya Tulum’s Spa,

Maya Tulum SI view

Maya Tulum SI photo shootThe mangroves between the highway and Soliman Bay are a stopover for many migrating birds.

Egrets in mangrovesHanging out with Casa Corazon friends

Corazon, Wally, Donna and friend

Corazon daschund lady

Wally, fly fishing couple

Soliman Bay full moon, pink silhouette

ghost crab

ghost crab going away

 Mimi and crab

Mimi digging, bay view

Wally face closeup

Wally and Mimi

Happy Valentine’s Day from Soliman Bay!

Valentines heart, Uxibal

Nah Uxibal heart & house hori, 8"

A touching Valentine’s Day gift from Javier and Victoria…

Roses and palms

Jamie and Wally, SolimanFull moon rising over Punta Soliman on Valentine’s Day…

Nah Uxibal, Soliman Bay full moon risingOur Nah Uxibal friends gathered for a group shot on the beach

Nah Uxibal Feb group picLos amigos…

Ana & Michael 2

Beryl & Leslie 1

B.C. sisters

Woodstock 4 best

Soliman Bay full moon over point, pastels

I’ll post some of our restaurant excursions in their own posts… until next time…

Hasta Luego!

Uxibal palapa hammock feet

Soliman palms blog banner

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