Lunch at El Camello Jr, Dinner at Piedra Escondida, Tulum, Mexico

We always head to El Camello Jr in Tulum town to pick up fresh seafood and dine on their tasty local dishes. They have a fresh seafood market on the left side, and the restaurant on the right and out front. Located just a little ways past the main Tulum pueblo strip on the left, I always look forward to our visit.

El Camello Jr front with diners

Squid with chili peppers el camello jr squid dinner

El Camello Jr. plates, verticalThey do the frying for the restaurant on the fish market side so it is hot and sticky. Wally always asks for the fish heads when we get fish (they usually keep or discard them), so he can make his delicious fish head soup.

El Camello Jr fish market

El Camello jr wall painting

 I love this neat mural on a side street in Tulum

Tulum wall mural

Another night we decided to try somewhere we had never eaten and chose Piedra Escondida on the Tulum Beach Road.

Piedra Escondida sign, nicheTheir gazpacho soup was pretty and tasty

Piedra Escondida gazpacho soupAnd the seafood paella and pasta dishes melted in your mouth

Piedra Escondida seafood paella

Piedra Escondida seafood dishI really like the pesto pasta with pine nuts too

Piedra Escondida pesto pasta

And chocolate gelato with a sprig of dill to round it out – yum! Piedra Escondida chocolate gelato

Piedra Escondida jazz sign

Piedra Escondio sign, night

That’s all for now!


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