Soliman Bay, Mexico Pelicanos

One of the entertaining things to do while doing nothing on Soliman Bay is watching the brown pelicans.

Sunrise to sunset… they patrol the beach and rule the bay. This was sunrise from the top floor of Nah Lu’um Ka’an.

Soliman Bay Sunrise pelican patrol

Soliman Bay pelican Sunrise 1

Solima bay Sunrise pelican silhouetteThey soar along the beach in loose formation…

Soliman Bay pelican patrol

 Hang out and rest when full

Pelicans 3 floatersFishing for the little silver sardines that live along the shore by the thousands

Pelicans 3 deep blue

Pelicans 2 vertical

Pelicans hitting water

Pelicans 2 diving 2 flying

Pelican splash

Pelican plunging

Pelican landing

Pelican flying, waves in background

Pelican flying vertical Pelican diving

Pelican banking

Soliman Bay pelican on rock

I have to give Wally photo credit for capturing the great shots of them fishing. I was watching from my hammock.

Until next time…

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