The Outer Banks, Buxton, NC

So after getting settled in at our Carolina Treasure vacation rental in Frisco, it was time to find the local grocery. We drove back up to Buxton and headed into Connor’s Supermarket to load up on supplies for the week. This is a great grocery with friendly staff and a really good variety with essentials to gourmet offerings. They also have a few aisles of beach accessories, sunscreen, dramamine and most anything you might need.

Buxton, Connors Grocery entrance

Buxton, Connors supermarket big view

Buxton, Connors deli

Buxton, Connors smile signI loved their old vehicle that was parked across the street one day.   Buxton, Connors truck & JamieNext stop was the local seafood market on the way back to Frisco. Buxton Seafood is located right under the water tower, so you can’t miss it. We got some fresh fish and shrimp for a few meals. Buxton seafood and towerWally was in the mood for sushi  one night, so we went to Diamond Shoals Restaurant for dinner. The fried calamari strips with marinara were tasty and the hush puppies moist and yummy.

Buxton, Diamond Shoals calamari strips

Buxton, Diamond Shoals hush puppiesWe had a sushi roll and tuna tower and they were good too. Buxton, Diamond Shoals sushi rolls

Buxton, Diamond Shoals tuna towerSome of the other sights in Buxton to visit and shop at include The Elegant Attic…

Buxton, The Elegant Attic

Buxton, Elegant Attic view

Buxton, Elegant Attic yardand The Old Gray House – which sadly were both closed on Saturday afternoon. I will definitely check them out next time we go!

Buxton, The Old Gray House front view

Buxton, The Old Gray House sign & tree

Buxton, The Old Gray House vert

Buxton, The Old Gray House side

Buxton, The Old Gray House boat    Buxton, The Old Gray House swing shed Book lovers will want to stop in Buxton Village Books… Buxton, Village BooksAnother day we had lunch at Pop’s Family Seafood Restaurant, a long-time local favorite.

Pops Raw Bar ext angleNothing fancy here, just laid back and local…we were there at opening time.

Pops Raw Bar bar & tables

Pops Raw Bar barRaw oysters to start with…

Pops Raw Bar oystersFollowed by a crab cake plate and fried shrimp with homemade slaw and hush puppies. Fried heaven! Yummy!

Pops Raw Bar, crab cake plate

Pops Raw Bar, fried shrimp plate

Pops Raw Bar bldg painting  Pops Raw Bar exteriorBack to the beach… Stay tuned for more Outer Banks


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