The Outer Banks, Avon, NC

After consuming a large amount of local seafood for several days, we were craving a burger, and online reviews led us to Burger Burger in Avon. Located in Kinnakeet Corner on the main drag through Avon, it was easy to find. We arrived and when we got inside, found it to be busy with patrons. We ordered a cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries and their acclaimed homemade lemonade and grabbed a table to await our food.

Avon, Burger Burger sign

Avon, Burger Burger exteriorThey offer burgers, sandwiches, salads and wings, so will surely have something for everyone in your group.

Avon, Burger Burger menuGet some lemonade – it was delicious!

Avon, Burger Burger lemonade sign

Avon, Burger Burger dining areaOur food arrived and our mouth’s were watering… the lemonade is GREAT!

It was delicious and we cleaned our plates.

Avon, Burger Burger food picWe bumped into Captain Bryan from the Albatross Fleet outside and he told us to be sure and visit his wife’s artisan gallery just up the street behind Burger Burger. This was a great after-lunch venture and I LOVE pottery.

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks sign

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks buildingOne of their best-selling items is a Mason jar pottery flower frog in an assortment of colors.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks mason jar frogThis awesome gallery is loaded with fabulous pottery from many local potters, as well as prints, jewelry, and more. What a great place to pick up a local keepsake or accent for your home!

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks aqua potterySwimming with cool stuff!

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish corner

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks blue sunflowers

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks clay necklaces

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab & cupsI loved these crab pottery pieces…

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab & shell dip bowl

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab dip bowl

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab vase, utensilsDrawer pulls are another popular purchase that is useful and pretty.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks drawer pullsThese seahorse pulls had just been created in the workroom and await their glaze.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks seahorse drawer pulls

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plaques, stained glass

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plaques

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plate & vases

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks flower plaques

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pink pottery

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery mugs, misc

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery shelves

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery vases

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks rooster art


Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks silver earrings

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks spoon rests table

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks spoon rests

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks sunflower & horse pic

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks sunflower & tulips

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks cat paintings  Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks fish & octopus

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks nightlightsAs you can see, they have something for everyone and even classes!

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks classes signAfter leaving Kinnakeet Clay, our next stop was Risky Business Seafood back on the main drag for some more seafood for dinner. They also have a location at Oden’s Dock on Hatteras. Here’s their website for more info:

Avon, Risky Business Seafood Market sign  Avon, Risky Business Seafood building

Avon, Risky Business Seafood Market boat  Avon, Risky Business Seafood customers   Avon, Risky Business Seafood Wally & counterBesides seafood, sauces, etc., they also have some gift items

Avon, Risky Business Seafood crab glassesNow back to Carolina Treasure on Frisco for beach time…


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