The Outer Banks, Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, NC

We decided to drive up to Nags Head and Kitty Hawk to check out a few sights and have lunch one day. I had read about kite flying at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, so we went there first. Their big kite festival was going on the weekend we left, so I was sad to miss that. The park is located right off the main highway that runs through Nags Head, with the entrance on the left side of the road just past Kitty Hawk Kites.

The park is known as having the tallest natural sand dune on the eastern coast of the United States and is a favorite place for kite lovers and for hang glider training. There were lots of families there flying kites and playing on the dunes, running and rolling down the hills. Be sure and pack drinks and snacks if you plan on being there a while. Jockey Ridge park sign

Jockey Ridge dune info sign

Jockey Ridge, people on hill

Jockey Ridge big sky view

Jockey Ridge Wally and kites

Jockey Ridge guys running downhill

Jockey Ridge guys running downhill 2Hang gliding lessons

Jockey Ridge hang glider lessons

Jockey Ridge kite flyers, sky

Jockey Ridge kite maneuversYou can leave your shoes at the steps  Jockey Ridge shoe drop  Jockey Ridge Wally and view

Jockey Ridge Wally downhill

Jockey Ridge Wally running downhill

Jockey Ridge girls and boy playing

Jockey Ridge, girls going down and up

Jockey Ridge, girls rollingI was inspired to get a kite to fly back on our Frisco beach, so our next stop was Kitty Hawk Kites and they have kites from hang gliders to wind socks and everything in between. They also carry t-shirts, gifts, souvenirs, etc. I picked out a parrot kite and named her Polly

Visit their website for lots more info, locations and their online store: Head Kittyhawk Kites bldg & sign

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites bldg ext

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites hang kite

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites indoor 1

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites kite section

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites kites & socks

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites tees & planesIt was time for lunch, so we decided to get our raw oyster fix at Mulligan’s Raw Bar & Grille. It was a gorgeous day, so we sat out on their back upper deck that has a view of the water. The oysters were huge with a good flavor, and we also had a big salad and crab cake dinner, which I loved.

Nags Head, Mulligan's frontThey have a pet friendly patio area at the back door and plenty of parking in back.

Nags Head, Mulligans back view

Nags Head, Mulligan's inside dining

Nags Head, Mulligan's raw & steam board

Nags Head, Mulligan's upstairs bar

Nags Head, Mulligan's deck customers & server

Nagshead, Mulligan's menu

Nags Head, Mulligan's fireball corner

   Nags Head, Mulligan's oysters

Nags Head, Mulligan's plates  Nags Head, Mulligan's tiki bar

Nags Head, Mulligan's deck customersI loved their totem faces on the deck

Nags Head, Mulligan's tongue out totem

Nags Head, Mulligan's toothy totem

Nags Head, Mulligan's umbrellas  Nags Head, Mulligan's view from deck

Nags Head, Mulligan's Wally & platesAfter lunch, our last stop was the Wright Brothers National Memorial just a few miles north in Kitty Hawk. There is a museum with a gallery of paintings of people important in the history of aviation, as well as replicas of the Wright Brothers inventions.Wright Bros 1902 Hang glider

Wright Bros glider 1902 info

Wright Bros Museum, Wally

Wright Bros plane

Wright Bros Gift of Flight info   Wright Bros plane 2

Wright Bros plane pic

Wright Bros plane, painting, WallyAfter touring the museum, you can walk out to the sheds which replicate where they lived during their experiments and one was for their plane or glider.

Wright Bros museum and shack

Wright Bros shacksA guide stood at the rock that shows where their flight took place and she explained about their trials.

Wright Bros park rangerAn airport is just past the Memorial and I caught a plane in action.

Wright Bros monument, planeThe big memorial is a LONG walk from the museum or you can drive to the back corner below it and walk up from there.

Wright Bros plaque, obelisk

Wright Bros walk to monument

Wright Bros big monument

Wright Bros head statues

Wright Bros big monument, WallyThe view is quite nice from the memorial hill

Wright Bros view from obelisk If you have children, there is a little park with an airplane below the memorial.

I would recommend that if you have a few hours when you first arrive on the Outer Banks and are staying north or south, to go ahead and see these sites on your way in or way out to save a long drive during your stay.

That was enough tourist activities for us for one day, so it was back to Frisco and the beach!


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