The Outer Banks, Aerial Photography Tour ~ Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke

We picked up a flyer for aerial tours from Frisco, so decided stop off at the Billy Mitchell Airport just down the road from our vacation rental to inquire. Pilot Dwight Burrus was available the next morning for a tour, so we made plans to arrive early for our ride. You can learn more about air tours at:

The next morning dawned bright and clear and we were excited to get up in the air! We had decided to do the lighthouse to lighthouse tour, from Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to Ocracoke Island. Dwight let me take the captain’s seat so I could photograph out the open window.

Jamie and Wally, Hatteras airplane

Hatteras Burrus planeOur pilot, Dwight Burrus

Jamie and Burrus, thumbs upShots of the Billy Mitchell Airport

Billy Mitchell Airport & Hatteras view

Billy Mitchell airport aerial 1, water view

Billy Mitchell Airport hori view

Billy Mitchell Airport vert to water view

Frisco airport planesWe headed just a bit north to see the newly painted Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. They had just finished painting it the day before we arrived. I’ve included several shots from different angles. Learn more about it at:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse post card, best

Hatteras Lighthouse hori best 1

Hatteras Lighthouse, houses, wc

Hatteras lighthouse & keepers houses

Hatteras airspeed gauge

Hatteras Island length

Hatteras Marina island sectionI LOVED the meandering waterways that reflected the blue sky

Hatteras meandering waterway vert

Hatteras populated island viewAt one angle the water looked like quicksilver…

Hatteras quicksilver 2

Hatteras quicksilver ripples

Hatteras quicksilver view closer

Hatteras quicksilver wing & water

Hatteras straight view

Hatteras vert view, waterwayWally’s backseat companion was Roxy.

Hatteras Wally and Roxy

Hatteras Wally with headphoneThe water color change is the blue Gulf Stream meeting the green Labrador Current

Hatteras water change 1

Hatteras water change 2The Hatteras water tower

Hatteras water tower & community

Hatteras water tower horiFerry from Hatteras to Orcacoke

Hatteras Ferry and houses

Hatteras ferry cruisingHuge homes next to the ferry on the tip of Hatteras

Hatteras ferry dock, 2 giant houses

Hatteras ferry headed to Ocracoke

Hatteras fishing hole

Hatteras cockpit panel

Hatteras cockpit view

Hatteras condo view

Hatteras Dwight business cardThe marina where the Albatross Fleet docks. They had already left for morning fishing

Hatteras Albatross Marina areaOcracoke to Hatteras

Hatteras and Orcacoke ends

Hatteras blue view

Hatteras boats passing

Hatteras houses

Hatteras island from afar

Hatteras Island length

Hatteras meandering waterway vertThe next few shots are “Millionaire’s Row” on Hatteras

Hatteras Millionaires row middle

Hatteras Millionaires Row, ferry, mall

Hatteras plane compass

Hatteras populated island view

Hatteras Dwight flyingComing up to Ocracoke

Hatteras straight view

Hatteras vert view, waterway

Ocracoke creek vert

Ocracoke creeksOcracoke ferry landing

Ocracoke ferry in dock

Orcacoke ferry

Ocracoke historic house and backbayThe next shots are of Historic Portsmouth Village on Ocracoke

Ocracoke historic house to cemetery

Ocracoke historic house, water

Ocracoke historic village blue water

Orcacoke historic houses

Orcacoke historic church

Ocracoke house & meandering

Ocracoke neat waterwayOcracoke ponies

Ocracoke ponies

Ocracoke quicksilver dockThe road down Ocracoke

Ocracoke road

Ocracoke to Hatteras view

Ocracoke tree terraces, water

Ocracoke waterways, greenOcracoke airport

Orcacoke airstrip

Ocracoke airport clsup

Ocracoke airport vertI think this was the Coast Guard station

Orcacoke coast guard station wide

Orcacoke coast guard station

Orcacoke east view houses to lighthouse

Orcacoke endOcracoke harbor

Orcacoke far view


Orcacoke harbor & lighthouse

Orcacoke harbor & water

Orcacoke harbor east view

Orcacoke harbor wide view

Orcacoke harbor


Orcacoke historic farm & dock

Orcacoke historic farm & water

Orcacoke historic farm, blue view


Orcacoke houses clsup

Orcacoke island & waterwaysThe Ocracoke lighthouse

Orcacoke lighthouse & harbor

Orcacoke lighthouse to tower

Orcacoke sailboats clsup

Orcacoke to Hatteras view

Orcacoke vert view historic house

Orcacoke water squigglesLocated just off Ocracoke is the submerged and destroyed Fort Ocracoke, a Civil War-era fort. You can see the outline of the former buildings from the air with still water.

Fort Orcacoke area

Fort Orcacoke closeup

Fort Orcacoke outline 2

Fort Orcacoke outline view

Fort Orcacoke wide viewBack on Hatteras, the Frisco Beach

Hatteras Frisco beach houses

Hatteras broken dock aqua

Hatteras Frisco dock to left, houses

Hatteras Frisco dock, houses to left

Hatteras houses past Frisco dockBack at the airport after that fabulous tour, we snapped some shots. Here’s Dwight and Roxy and his son and fellow pilot.

Hatteras Burrus & Roxy

Hatteras Burrus & son with dogs

Hatteras Dwigh Burrus & plane

Hatteras, Burrus & other pilot

Pilots t-shirt backsJamie and Wally, Hatteras airplane

Wally and red planeWow! Best hour tour we ever spent and what a way to see the Outer Banks! This concludes our Outer Banks trip for this year but we will definitely return next year.


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