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Dinner at La Siesta Pizzeria ~ Tulum, Mexico

If you get the crave for some good Italian food while in Tulum, La Siesta Pizzeria is the place to go! Located just a block off the main street through Tulum on Calle Centauro Sur 10, this local favorite will have you returning for more. They have a wood-fired pizza in the back and you can watch your pizza cooking. We went with our friends from Casa Corazon from Soliman Bay and everyone tried a different dish. They all were delicious!

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum entrance  La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum cycle delivery

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum pizza oven

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum patio

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum palapa view

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum lasagne

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum rice and seafood

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum Donna

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum Jamie and Wally

La Siesta Pizzeria, Tulum pizza

This cool mural is across the steetTulum wall paintingsWe’ll be back!


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Snorkeling Soliman Bay ~ Tulum, Mexico

Soliman Bay is unique to most of the Yucatan coast as it is protected by the reef that runs right along the mouth of the bay. This protects the bay from big waves and creates the perfect setting for snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. The guests at Nah Uxibal,,  and along the bay return year after year to enjoy this tropical paradise.

You see a big variety all around the bay, but especially around the coral heads where the fish hide and live. If you kayak out to the reef and tie up to the buoys, you will see a even more fish along the reef. Be careful about rip currents and be aware of the tides. Always wear a life jacket to be safe! We wear long-sleeved shirts to protect us from sunburn and keep our bodies warm when snorkeling. If you kayak out to snorkel, take a mesh bag or string to tie your paddles and gear on. Many a paddle has floated into shore, and countless flippers and masks are lost when getting on and off the kayaks.

Here’s a peek under Soliman Bay!

red kayak tip over coral

blue flippers on kayak

Angel school 1

Angel School 2

Angel solo side view

Angel solo

big brain coral

black and white striped butterfly fish

blue spotted neon fish

blue surgeon fish

bumpy coral on rock

healthy coral

little fishes

purple stag coral

ruffled coral

spiny urchin long spines

spiny urchin, fish, coral

Spiny urchins hori

spotted smaller trunk fish

Spotted trunk fish

staghorn coral big

staghorn coral

staghorns and fish

yellow butterfly fish

yellow striped fish and anenome

orange mimosa blooms

papaya tree

red berried bush

Soliman Bay chaise lounge lineupSoliman palapa and hammock

Soliman bay middle from water


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Tulum Honey Store, Lunch at Mezzanine, Massage at Maya Tulum Spa ~ Tulum, Mexico

Being beekeepers, I always like to find local honey to sample and we had seen a new honey store on the Coba Road on a previous visit. So our excursion for the day was to the Honey Store, then lunch at Mezzanine on the Tulum Beach and then massages in the afternoon at Maya Tulum.

The Honey Store is a cooperative of many of the local beekeepers and they have a great selection of items from honey and pollen to bath and body products, food and candy. They also sell a local book about native plants that is really neat.






IMG_4749Their special Mayan bee honey is VERY expensive, but they only get a limited quantity

IMG_4750The regular honeybee honey is reasonable and you can sample the different flavors.


IMG_4752I fell in love with their honey shampoo after we started using it. Wish I had bought a case of it and will next time we go! It smells wonderful and leaves my hair soft and manageable. You can also use it as a body wash.




IMG_4762Our purchases were honey, shampoo and lotion, which I also really like. It smells divine!


IMG_4765Honey hard candy

IMG_4766Honey extractor used to “sling” the honey off the comb





IMG_4771I love the cold cocos you can buy from locals on the Coba Road in the villages. “Coco Frios” are very refreshing and even better with some rum!


The Grand Cenote is located along the Coba RoadIMG_4776We always go to Mezzanine for their afternoon 2 x 1 margaritas and delicious food.



















IMG_4825We rested a bit and then it was time for our massages at Maya Tulum Spa (R & R Resorts) on the south end of Tulum Road. Our Soliman Bay masseuse, Lucia, was in Italy visiting family, so we headed to Tulum Beach for our spa fallback. You go ahead of time to pay, choose your service and who you would like.

Maya Tulum masseuse board

Your therapist will greet you and lead you to your massage palapa…

Maya Tulum massage girl  Maya Tulum path & signFacial and massage ~ all better for now…

maya Tulum jamie and therapist selfieTime for a nap…


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Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico

Just a few miles north of Soliman Bay on the main highway is Dos Ojos, or “Two Eyes” Cenote. You can snorkel or dive the caverns, and expect the water to be cold. This is a great summer activity to check out. You have to drive back through the jungle after paying your admission and you will see all kinds of neat plants and wildlife if you look closely.

Dos Ojos road sign

Dos Ojos cavern diagram sign

Dos Ojos cenote sign top

Dos Ojos ticket hut

Dos Ojos air orchid bloom

Dos Ojos bromliad bloom and fern

Dos Ojos cactus in tree

Dos Ojos ferns

Dos Ojos fruit in tree

Dos Ojos First Eye sign


Dos Ojos hammocks

Dos Ojos wetsuit rental

Dos Ojos lifejacketsIf you are going to dive, be prepared to wear your dive tanks down the hill to the water.

Dos Ojos diver going down steps

Dos Ojos sign bottom, cavern system

Dos Ojos diver and snorkelers


Dos Ojos divers down

Dos Ojos divers preparing

Dos Ojos divers underwater

Dos Ojos lily pads in water

Dos Ojos long little lizard

The Mot Mot birds live along the edges of the cenotes and are really cool

Dos Ojos motmot clsup

Dos Ojos motmot in tree

Dos Ojos motmot pair

Dos Ojos orchids

Dos Ojos roots and bromliad  Dos Ojos snorkelers in line

Dos Ojos snorkelers

Dos Ojos tree bloom

I spied this super cool looking “tuluc” lizardDos Ojos tuluc lizard body

Dos Ojos Tuluke lizard front

Dos Ojos two divers

Dos Ojos water lily bloom Have fun!


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Soliman Bay and Tankah, Mexico ~ Turtles, Birds & More

One of the things I love about visiting Soliman Bay in July is the anticipation of possibly of encountering mama turtles coming in to nest on the beaches at night. The smaller green and leatherback turtles tend to come into Soliman Bay’s beaches to nest, while just around the southern point on Tankah beach  is loggerhead nesting central.

Soliman Bay turtle tracks to house

Villa Vidorra turtle nestIt looks like a minefield down along Tankah’s beach  and those are all turtle nests! There must be some group patrolling as there are sticks on each nest with dates of their “deposit”. You can tell by the size of their flipper tracks how large these mamas are and their nest cavities are the size of VW bugs!

Tankah turtle nest tracks & nest

Tankah turtle nests & houses

Tankah turtle nests wide view

Tankah turtle stick dated

Tankah turtle tracks, Wally & SkipA nice resting spot for the hike. Be sure and take water and wear sunscreen if you take this walk in the summer – the heat gets grueling.

Tankah walk, Wally and Skip

Some of my other things to stalk while on the bay are the birds and there are different species migrating through at different times of the year that are drawn to the season’s blooms.

hummer female on orgBird and bee!

Bird & beeWind-blown nest no longer in the palm tree

birds nest on ground

dove on nest

There are blue fiddler crabs in the mangroves across the road. First time I’d seen them!

Fiddler crab front

Fiddlers crab back

flycatcher at waterSeems like a pretty dangerous place to nest?

flycatcher nest

Flycatcher on palm

flycatcher on rocks

If you look in the old dead trees along the shore you’ll see these guys..

Grandpa iguana closeup

iguana on tree, bloom

female iguana

Loved trying to capture the hummers in action around our casita at Nah Uxibal.

hummer brown, palm


Hummer in motion, org flower

hummer on chit branch

hummer on twig, green above

Hummers fighting 1

Hummers fighting 2This cute pair of pygmy owls live in the mangroves across the road from Nah Uxibal

pygmy owl hunkered

pygmy owl on palm

Pygmy owl standingMorning wake up crew…

Uxibal blackbirdCoconut palm family…

Uxibal woodpecker sticking head out

Woodpecker berry 1

Woodpecker with berry 2

Woodpecker with water behind

Chit tree

full moonWe spied this cute little guy right along the rocks at the water’s edge on the north point of Soliman Baymoray 1

Moray and bubbles

Moray face head on

Moray most of body

Moray part of body

Moray straight on

orange mimosa blooms

papaya tree

red berried bush

butterfly on hibiscus

Soliman Rd pot on wallThat’s all for now!



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Arriving: Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ July 2014

We made our annual pilgrimage to our favorite beach destination, Soliman Bay, Mexico for another two weeks of fun in the sand and sun. It always feels like home at our vacation rental, Nah Uxibal, and caretakers Javier and Victoria greets us with smiles and hugs.

Soliman bay middle from water

Palm shadow on sand, aqua water

For the last several years we’ve been renting from Blueway Car Rentals, which is an offsite car rental agency. Their people speak English, have been nice and no one has hassled us yet. They pick you up just outside the airport exit doors and take you to the business.

Blueway car rental

Blueway covered area

Blueway van

Then we drive about and hour and half south to Soliman Bay, stopping off at the Chedraui grocery in Puerto Aventura to grab some drinks and supplies. I love their bakeries! This is the new big Chedraui bakery on the Tulum Road.

Chedraui bakery 1

Chedraui bakery 2

Chedraui bakery 3

Chedraui bakery 4We were greeted by Mimi, the beloved Soliman Bay beach dog… It was as though she knew we were coming.  She usually doesn’t leave our side for long while we’re there. She knows who the cooks are!

Mimi under palm, aqua water

Mimi on chaise, book, snorkel

Mimi shaking water 3

The ceviche and fish tacos from Urge Taquito in Tulum are one of our favorite things for lunch, washed down with an ice cold beer.

Mixta ceviche closeupWe love their sauce and toppings selection.

Urge Taquito sauces

Urge Taquito taco

Mixta ceviche to go with IndioThen a nap in the hammock…

hammock's edge, aqua water And that’s usually enough for the first day!

More tomorrow…


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