Soliman Bay and Tankah, Mexico ~ Turtles, Birds & More

One of the things I love about visiting Soliman Bay in July is the anticipation of possibly of encountering mama turtles coming in to nest on the beaches at night. The smaller green and leatherback turtles tend to come into Soliman Bay’s beaches to nest, while just around the southern point on Tankah beach  is loggerhead nesting central.

Soliman Bay turtle tracks to house

Villa Vidorra turtle nestIt looks like a minefield down along Tankah’s beach  and those are all turtle nests! There must be some group patrolling as there are sticks on each nest with dates of their “deposit”. You can tell by the size of their flipper tracks how large these mamas are and their nest cavities are the size of VW bugs!

Tankah turtle nest tracks & nest

Tankah turtle nests & houses

Tankah turtle nests wide view

Tankah turtle stick dated

Tankah turtle tracks, Wally & SkipA nice resting spot for the hike. Be sure and take water and wear sunscreen if you take this walk in the summer – the heat gets grueling.

Tankah walk, Wally and Skip

Some of my other things to stalk while on the bay are the birds and there are different species migrating through at different times of the year that are drawn to the season’s blooms.

hummer female on orgBird and bee!

Bird & beeWind-blown nest no longer in the palm tree

birds nest on ground

dove on nest

There are blue fiddler crabs in the mangroves across the road. First time I’d seen them!

Fiddler crab front

Fiddlers crab back

flycatcher at waterSeems like a pretty dangerous place to nest?

flycatcher nest

Flycatcher on palm

flycatcher on rocks

If you look in the old dead trees along the shore you’ll see these guys..

Grandpa iguana closeup

iguana on tree, bloom

female iguana

Loved trying to capture the hummers in action around our casita at Nah Uxibal.

hummer brown, palm


Hummer in motion, org flower

hummer on chit branch

hummer on twig, green above

Hummers fighting 1

Hummers fighting 2This cute pair of pygmy owls live in the mangroves across the road from Nah Uxibal

pygmy owl hunkered

pygmy owl on palm

Pygmy owl standingMorning wake up crew…

Uxibal blackbirdCoconut palm family…

Uxibal woodpecker sticking head out

Woodpecker berry 1

Woodpecker with berry 2

Woodpecker with water behind

Chit tree

full moonWe spied this cute little guy right along the rocks at the water’s edge on the north point of Soliman Baymoray 1

Moray and bubbles

Moray face head on

Moray most of body

Moray part of body

Moray straight on

orange mimosa blooms

papaya tree

red berried bush

butterfly on hibiscus

Soliman Rd pot on wallThat’s all for now!



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