Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico

Just a few miles north of Soliman Bay on the main highway is Dos Ojos, or “Two Eyes” Cenote. You can snorkel or dive the caverns, and expect the water to be cold. This is a great summer activity to check out. You have to drive back through the jungle after paying your admission and you will see all kinds of neat plants and wildlife if you look closely.

Dos Ojos road sign

Dos Ojos cavern diagram sign

Dos Ojos cenote sign top

Dos Ojos ticket hut

Dos Ojos air orchid bloom

Dos Ojos bromliad bloom and fern

Dos Ojos cactus in tree

Dos Ojos ferns

Dos Ojos fruit in tree

Dos Ojos First Eye sign


Dos Ojos hammocks

Dos Ojos wetsuit rental

Dos Ojos lifejacketsIf you are going to dive, be prepared to wear your dive tanks down the hill to the water.

Dos Ojos diver going down steps

Dos Ojos sign bottom, cavern system

Dos Ojos diver and snorkelers


Dos Ojos divers down

Dos Ojos divers preparing

Dos Ojos divers underwater

Dos Ojos lily pads in water

Dos Ojos long little lizard

The Mot Mot birds live along the edges of the cenotes and are really cool

Dos Ojos motmot clsup

Dos Ojos motmot in tree

Dos Ojos motmot pair

Dos Ojos orchids

Dos Ojos roots and bromliad  Dos Ojos snorkelers in line

Dos Ojos snorkelers

Dos Ojos tree bloom

I spied this super cool looking “tuluc” lizardDos Ojos tuluc lizard body

Dos Ojos Tuluke lizard front

Dos Ojos two divers

Dos Ojos water lily bloom Have fun!


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One thought on “Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico

  1. Great foliage, blue waters, and creatures of all kinds. You really are making me want to go!

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