Snorkeling Soliman Bay ~ Tulum, Mexico

Soliman Bay is unique to most of the Yucatan coast as it is protected by the reef that runs right along the mouth of the bay. This protects the bay from big waves and creates the perfect setting for snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. The guests at Nah Uxibal,,  and along the bay return year after year to enjoy this tropical paradise.

You see a big variety all around the bay, but especially around the coral heads where the fish hide and live. If you kayak out to the reef and tie up to the buoys, you will see a even more fish along the reef. Be careful about rip currents and be aware of the tides. Always wear a life jacket to be safe! We wear long-sleeved shirts to protect us from sunburn and keep our bodies warm when snorkeling. If you kayak out to snorkel, take a mesh bag or string to tie your paddles and gear on. Many a paddle has floated into shore, and countless flippers and masks are lost when getting on and off the kayaks.

Here’s a peek under Soliman Bay!

red kayak tip over coral

blue flippers on kayak

Angel school 1

Angel School 2

Angel solo side view

Angel solo

big brain coral

black and white striped butterfly fish

blue spotted neon fish

blue surgeon fish

bumpy coral on rock

healthy coral

little fishes

purple stag coral

ruffled coral

spiny urchin long spines

spiny urchin, fish, coral

Spiny urchins hori

spotted smaller trunk fish

Spotted trunk fish

staghorn coral big

staghorn coral

staghorns and fish

yellow butterfly fish

yellow striped fish and anenome

orange mimosa blooms

papaya tree

red berried bush

Soliman Bay chaise lounge lineupSoliman palapa and hammock

Soliman bay middle from water


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