Valley Forge, Amish Country and the Ephrata Cloister, Pennsylvania

I took a quick trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit a Clinard cousin and see some of the historic sights. George has lived there for years and loves antiques and history, so made an excellent tour guide. We spent a full day driving through Valley Forge and then out to Amish Country and the Ephrata Cloister in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge

Valley Forge, Washington's headquarters

Valley Forge headquarters signThe train station at Valley Forge

Valley Forge train depot

Valley Forge sign

Valley Forge cannon and obelisk

Jamie at Valley Forge cannon

Valley Forge cannonsThe Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge.

Valley Forge chapel lady statue and courtyard

Valley Forge chapel lectern

Valley Forge chapel pews

Valley Forge chapel stained glass

Valley Forge chapel vert

Valley Forge chapel wood carved door

Valley Forge chapel wood door   Valley Forge stone arch

Valley Forge chapel wood ceiling

Valley Forge wood carvingsThere is a great little gift shop behind the Washington Memorial Chapel with souvenirs and snacks

Valley Forge Chapel Cabin ShopThere’s also a small used book store

Valley Forge bookstoreYou could spend half or a whole day at Valley Forge if you are a history buff but time was limited for me, so we headed west to Amish Country.

Amish Country, banner, fields, buggy

Look for signs along the road for farms that are selling products and there are farm markets scattered around the area. The flowers at Beiler’s Fruit Farm drew us to stop. Their rows of dahilias and zinnias and perennials were gorgeous.

Amish Country, Beiler's Farm sign

Amish Country, Beilers Farm bldg, horse & buggy

Amish Country, Beilers Farm butterfly bush

Amish Country, Beilers Farm flower rows

Amish Country, Beilers Farm flowers, pumpkins

Amish Country, Beilers Farm org dahlias

Amish Country, Beilers Farm pink dahlias

Amish Country, Beilers Farm zinnias, dahlias

Amish Country, Beilers Farm, George & flowers

Amish Country, dairy farm

Amish Country, farm scene 2

Amish Country, farm scene banner

Amish Country, tobacco cut

Amish Country, horse & buggy on road

Amish Country, horse & buggy, US 30

Amish Country, typical farm bldgs

We asked the Amish fellow we bought cheese from at one of the farms where he recommended we eat lunch. He directed us to a local favorite diner, the White Horse Luncheonette. The delicious portions were big and very reasonable.

Amish Country, White Horse Luncheonette

Amish Country, White Horse chalkboard

Amish Country, White Horse counter

Amish Country, White Horse Luncheonette dining

Amish Country, White Horse Luncheonette plates  Amish Countryside hori bannerSince our Clinard family immigrated from the Palatine region (Germany/Switzerland) in Europe in the late 1700s to Pennsylvania, George wanted us to visit the Ephrata Cloister.  “One of America’s earliest religious communities, the Ephrata Cloister was founded in 1732 by German settlers seeking spiritual goals rather than earthly rewards.”

Ephrata Cloister bench and bldgs

Ephrata Cloister building

Ephrata Cloister apple tree and house

Ephrata Cloister cemetery & bldg

Ephrata Cloister cemetery, horses

Ephrata Cloister George in cemetery

Ephrata Cloister Philemon headstone

Ephrata Cloister clock

Ephrata Cloister couple

Ephrata Cloister group of blgs

Ephrata Cloister grandfather clock

Ephrata Cloister group of blgs

Ephrata Cloister house

Ephrata Cloister kitchen

Ephrata Cloister living interior

Ephrata Cloister log bldg

Ephrata Cloister main bldg

Ephrata Cloister picture & sampler

Ephrata Cloister playhouse

Ephrata Cloister sink

Ephrata Cloister weaving room

Ephrata Cloister, chapel

Amish store, horse & buggy

It was a long day but I enjoyed every minute! Next up, downtown Philadelphia …



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