Rapallo, Italy ~ Cinque Terre

We made it to Rapallo in the late afternoon, just in time to get settled into our hotel room at the Grand Bristol Hotel and see a bit of the town. http://www.grandhotelbristol.it/1/12/EN/Home_page.htm

From the motorway, the main road led us right through the heart of Rapallo and we followed our directions through town and found the hotel just a short distance away overlooking the bay. We loved the palm trees everywhere and the more casual feel of the town, compared to the craziness of the holiday town of Sorrento to the south of Naples.




IMG_4564A marina lies to one side of the bay. We should have spent more time here and explored Portofino and the other villages. I would definitely recommend several days to a week here.


IMG_4561                    We arrived at the hotel and it was surprising to see the huge cactus plant at the entrance. IMG_4398Looks like we picked a pretty nice hotel judging by the cars at the reception area.

IMG_4396View from the lobby. and they have an underground parking garage for cars also.


IMG_5576Our room overlooked the bay with a balcony and was very roomy and nice for the cost. Our ONLY complaint of the hotel was that this was the worst bed of our 3-week trip through Italy. You could feel every spring in the mattress.

IMG_4389But it was the best bathroom of our 3-week stay also – so they get our best and worst ratings.


IMG_4392His and hers robes and slippers


IMG_4390  Lovely view from our balcony. Several were taking advantage of the nice weather and enjoying laps in the pool. IMG_4387Dusk was coming, so we decided to walk to town. The nice receptionist guided us down the road to a paved walking path that led along the bay to the town center.


IMG_4400Look for Via Avenaggi for the walking road to town…

IMG_4401Along the way…






IMG_4416There are benches at this point of the walking path and many were sitting and watching the sunset.


IMG_4426Soccer ball action going on…

IMG_4443Nice boats in the marina.

IMG_4432This would be what you would call the promenade of the town. Locals were walking, socializing, eating and hanging out along the waterfront.



IMG_4428The last glow of sun…

IMG_4457and the town lights coming up…


IMG_4477I love this photo of the children playing on the dock.


IMG_4486We walked to the far side of the bay close to the marina, and who but Christopher Columbus was standing tall and pointing towards America.

IMG_4489Wally’s below but lost in the shadows.

IMG_4493Neptune (or Posiedon in Greek), God of the waters, crouches below…


IMG_4496I love this cool silhouette



IMG_4535It was a lovely evening to walk about the historic city streets. Lots of locals were out dining and shopping.



IMG_4529Fungi at a food store displayed in the street.


IMG_4527This was an outdoor food market closing up as we got there.






IMG_4516Ready for evening diners

IMG_4514This lovely gazebo with painted ceiling sits right off the promenade area.



IMG_4508Italians love their dogs!

IMG_4512What a lovely town! I would definitely return for another visit here!

IMG_4507The walk back to the hotel was rather dark, so I would recommend taking a small flashlight with you (or have a flashlight app on your phone to use). We settled back in at the hotel room, watched a movie and fell asleep. We awoke to the sun hitting across the bay from our balcony.


IMG_4558The Grand Bristol Hotel has a great terrace with umbrellas for breakfast dining, as well as an indoor dining area with windows looking towards the bay. Their breakfast buffet was extensive and we made several trips back. They also have a rooftop dinner terrace for evening dining, but we weren’t up for a big dinner the night before.



IMG_5581Sad to leave Rapallo so soon, but time to begin the next leg of our trip to Asti, the Piemonte (Piedmont) region of Italy.













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One thought on “Rapallo, Italy ~ Cinque Terre

  1. Shannon (Classic Cosmopolite)

    Beautiful photos! …Seriously has me wishing I was in Cinque Terre right now (Below freezing temps in the New York City area right now!)
    I had such an amazing time in Cinque Terre. I blogged about it here: https://classiccosmopolite.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/a-hike-in-cinque-terre/

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