Exploring Menaggio, Italy on Lake Como

Menaggio has a convenient and friendly tourist office just off the main piazza area by the lake. They have a good assortment of brochures and maps of the area, free wi-fi for visitors, and a free book exchange which I took advantage of several times. We decided to go on the community walking tour to explore this lovely Italian town.

IMG_4798 IMG_4797 IMG_4796

We enjoyed buying freshly-baked bread made each morning at Il Fornaio. Be sure and get there early as they sell out by afternoon.


The community walk leads up the hill, so be prepared for a bit of a walk. IMG_4788 IMG_4787 IMG_4785

There are historic churches along the way…


IMG_4784 IMG_4783

Ancient carvings on the fortress walls.

IMG_4781 IMG_4780 IMG_4779 IMG_4778 IMG_4776 IMG_4774 IMG_4772 IMG_4771 IMG_4770 IMG_4769 IMG_4768 IMG_4767 IMG_4766 IMG_4765 IMG_4764 IMG_4763 IMG_4762 IMG_4761 IMG_4759



IMG_4739It is gorgeous along the lake with a sidewalks with ornate railings all along it and benches to sit and enjoy the beauty. This is a favorite area for the locals to walk and socialize. IMG_4729

IMG_4732This swan family traveled up and down the lake during the day.



IMG_4733An interesting item for sale at the little grocery.

IMG_4816The Menaggio marina


IMG_5671The fisherman’s cooperative next to the marina.

IMG_4812And since we’ve been walking, a gelato seems a good reward.





IMG_5628Our apartment didn’t have wi-fi, so our favorite local restaurant and bar in Menaggio became Bar Costantin located just off the main piazza and down the alley from the tourist office. They were open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and had wi-fi, so we stopped in often.





IMG_5670That’s all for now!

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