Ferry to Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

We had been watching the ferries going back and forth across the lake in their triangular route of Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna, and decided it was a pretty day, so we’d go to Varenna. We bought tickets at the ticket office where the ferry docks at Menaggio. It didn’t cost much at all and was well worth the money for the ride across the lake. The views are really stunning in all directions. A tip to keep in mind is that the sun hits Menaggio in the morning through afternoon, but Varenna is in the shadow of the mountains until late morning to mid-day so plan on going after the sun hits for a more enjoyable visit.

IMG_4900Leaving MenaggioIMG_4901






IMG_4929Almost to Varenna… only took about 15 minutes.


IMG_4935You get off the ferry and there is a sidewalk that runs along the water into the town area. There are cafes, restaurants and shops along the way, along with some fabulous photo op spots.




IMG_4941The town buildings are perched up the hill, so be prepared to do some stairs if you want to explore into the heart of the town. There is a central piazza area with shops, another beautiful church and restaurants up a ways.

IMG_4942For those that can’t do stairs, you can stay on the lake level and enjoy the view.

IMG_4945We were hungry and grabbed a table and ordered the house red wine, soup and ravioli. Delicious as always!



IMG_4952Gorgeous church on the upper terrace area of town. This is the bell tower you see coming in from the ferry.





IMG_4964The mists on Lake Como are amazing.

IMG_4965I caught Wally unawares on the lookout point.

IMG_4966Love this shot – sun glittering through the tree, bird flying by, gorgeous lake and Wally.

IMG_4967Back to the ferry – it’s a car ferry too



IMG_4972Afternoon rowers – we watched them every afternoon, rowing to the point and back. Those are ducks and loons on the lake in the foreground.



IMG_4986What a wonderful day!

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