Lake Como, Italy and back to Milan for departure

I like to explore the communities where we stay, and Nobiallo was located along an old Roman “road”.

IMG_5635Nobiallo is a small community that is clustered around the parish church of SS Bartolomeo and Nicolao, and it is known for its leaning 13th century Romanesque bell tower.

IMG_5636This sweet painting is in the lobby of the church.

IMG_5637I so enjoyed the beautiful bells when they rang out the hours.


IMG_4877This angle (on a different day) shows just how much it is leaning.

photo View from the Antica Strada Regina


IMG_4874For those interested in vigorous hiking or a short stroll, part of the Roman road along the lake runs right through Nobiallo. The Antica Strada Regina was built during the late period of the Roman Empire and is a scenic walk a few flights up in the hillside community, and when you get to the small church Santuario della Madonna della Pace that was built in 1658, get ready to hike up and over through the woods and hills. Here’s a good overview of the ancient road that runs along the lake.

This lovely Ave Maria alcove was in the Nobiallo community on the Strada Regina.

IMG_4880The view along the walking “road” is amazing and I loved getting a peek into yards and gardens



IMG_4884This was the Madonna at the little church at the edge of the woods, the Santuario della Madonna della Pace. IMG_4885


IMG_4890In the afternoon we drove further down the lake to explore some of the other communities. This is Domaso and we didn’t see any other tourists there that day.

IMG_4989A lovely view back up the lake.

IMG_4990Fishermen stretching their nets.


IMG_4992Church of San Bartolomeo, Domaso, Lake Como Italy



IMG_4996The next community on the lake is Gravedona and we were told to visit their church. St. Maria del Tiglio in Gravedona was built in the 12th century, but has much earlier origins as a baptistry dedicated to St. John the Baptist.

Learn more about the church history at:










IMG_5010That was our last day before driving back to Milan for our flight on the following day. We dropped our keys at Holiday Property Solutions and hoped we were early enough to miss the Sunday morning road bikers along the lake. We had been told on the weekends that the bicyclists pack the road in the morning and the motorcyclists roared up a bit later.



IMG_5697With some extra directional help at the local cafe, we found our hotel for our last night in Italy. We chose the Hotel Cardano Malpensa: We had sliding doors that opened onto a nice central garden area that gave us some fresh air. They also had an outdoor pool with nice outdoor furniture for those that would want to spend time lounging if the weather was nice.

IMG_5721We were hungry by this time, and the receptionist directed us to a local favorite, Pizzeria Kebab, just a 10-minute walk from the hotel. It was a good send-off for our last dinner in Italy as it was very reasonable, had good wine and the food was delicious. The rest of the restaurant was filled with locals and this is the local pizza delivery place, so you know its good! Yum.. calzone!



  IMG_5717After gorging ourselves, we walked around the piazza and back to the hotel to pack up for our morning flight.

IMG_5720 For breakfast, the hotel had a big breakfast buffet downstairs, with plenty of choices to get you going for the day. It was an easy drive to the airport and all was going well until Wally got detained along with several others on the jetway for a last minute “check” just before boarding the plane. I went ahead and got seated and was waiting on him to join me. I waited, and waited… and they gave a final call before closing the door and still no Wally! I asked the stewardess to check on what was going on and was beginning to freak out. I had both of our passports, so if they had detained him, he was in big trouble. At the last minute he boarded and said he was the last one on the plane. They had made him pull out every electronic device and turn it off and on, empty all his liquids and turned his backpack inside out. Whew! I’m just glad they let him on!

What an amazing trip!! I highly recommend everyone visit Italy at least once in their life. This was our second trip and I loved it just as much the second time. We’ll be back!










photo 1




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