Sweet Tea & Shopping Spring Spectacular 2015, Bottom View Farm, Portland, TN

I ventured to Portland, Tennessee to check out the much touted Sweet Tea & Shopping Spring Spectacular, and was impressed with what a great place for a show or event this farm offers! There is a variety of neat buildings, barns and sheds for vendors to set up inside, along with lots of space for tents, food trucks and parking. There are farm animals and really cool things for children to stay occupied. This show features vintage, artisan-crafted items, boutique clothing, garden accents and more. Be sure and put them on you calendar for their next show in September. Here’s the link to their Facebook page for details: https://www.facebook.com/SweetTeaAndShopping/app_684336108254110

Bottom View Farm also offers U-pick berries. Here’s the link to Bottom View Farm’s website: http://www.bottomviewfarm.com/

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One thought on “Sweet Tea & Shopping Spring Spectacular 2015, Bottom View Farm, Portland, TN

  1. Albert M. Wilkinson Jr.

    Jamie: This is interesting. I am forwarding this one to a friend here in Sky Valley who was born in Portland. As you know, there are many Wilkinsons in that county now and they all settled on the northeast side of the Cumberland way back, starting with Jesse and his family in the 1700s. Andrew Jackson was Guardian of his two children. Mims Wilkinson

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