Savannah, GA to Daufuskie Island, SC ~ August 2015

We decided to take a quick getaway at the end of August to one of our favorite Southern beach and golf destinations, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. After doing a quick search, we decided to try out the Cotton Sail Hotel located on the Savannah riverfront for our first night’s stay.

Our drive from Nashville to Savannah takes around 8 hours, so its easier to stay the night in Savannah and then catch the early morning ferry to Daufuskie Island. Plus we enjoy getting our fresh oyster and seafood fix in Savannah! We arrived at the Cotton Sail to a dreary, drizzly afternoon and got checked in. The hotel has valet parking or you can park just a block around the corner at a public parking garage for cheaper (which we did).


We love having a balcony, which was why we chose the Cotton Sail, and it had a nice view right on the river. The room had two big windows and was bright and cheery.

IMG_9705 IMG_9712


The view from our balcony and windows…

IMG_9706 IMG_9707 IMG_9711   IMG_9718IMG_9754


The back view of the Cotton Sail shows the balconies for the rooms.


We dropped our luggage and headed out to stretch our legs and find food. The candy store always lures me in just to see and smell all the goodies.

IMG_9758 IMG_9759

IMG_9765 IMG_9760 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763 IMG_9764  IMG_9767 IMG_9771

We awoke to a bit of sunshine and drove over to the Westin across the river to catch the Bloody Point ferry to Daufuskie  Island. IMG_9775

We had booked last minute, and chose one of the Sandy Lane Villas that is owned by Bloody Point Golf Course. They offer a package deal that offers the ferry service, golf cart rental, golf and the villa. When you arrive at the Bloody Point dock they meet your with golf carts or a van, and take you to the club house to get checked in and get your golf cart.


Here’s the Sandy Lane Villas from the beach. Our villa was a spacious three bedroom, three bath and was huge for us, but lodging is limited on the island, and we really like being right on Bloody Point’s beach.


IMG_9724 IMG_9726  IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9734 IMG_9735    IMG_9803 IMG_9805

The beach beckoned, even though it was rainy. There were tons of sand dollars this time and Wally even caught a live whelk, which he put back.

IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810



We had one pretty day, so Wally took advantage of that playing at the Bloody Point Golf Course. I like photographing all the birds that hang out on the course.


We bought some fresh-caught shrimp from a local and it was sooo good!


The rain brought out a symphony of tree frogs – we even had to capture a few that snuck into the apartment when we left the door cracked.


The beach after the storm during the night. Time to head home – maybe we’ll get better weather next time!


Until next time!

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