Italy 2015 ~ Cortona

We awoke to a rainy, yucky day, and decided to visit Cortona, which was about 45 minutes from where we were staying at Borgo Luciginanello Bandini.

We arrived at the outer edge of the hilltop town of Cortona where the parking spaces are, and spying one, began to pull in. However, a woman came running up and jumped into the empty spot, screaming “Wedding, Wedding”. She had a UK accent and was wearing a formal-type dress, and obviously her group was late to a very important wedding and HAD TO HAVE OUR spot. If she had been a bit more nice, and asked instead of screaming and hopping up and down, we would have been more than happy to give her the spot. As Wally didn’t want to run over her (he was tempted and was muttering obscenities I won’t repeat), but she obviously wasn’t going to move, so they got the spot….

We parked further up, entered the town gate, and walked up the cobbled hill to the main piazza where the church is the central feature of Cortona.

IMG_0056And minutes later… guess who appeared at the top of the church steps? Why the wedding party of course! The women must have thought it was going to be a pretty, warm day when they purchased their wedding dresses. It was not. They made me cold.


IMG_0078IMG_0077IMG_0079IMG_0076Lucky for her, I like shooting photos of weddings! We wandered about a bit, exploring town and looking for somewhere to eat. They have several lovely antique shops just off the main piazza, as well as boutiques and artisan shops and more. If you love Italian glassware, definitely visit their antique shops!


IMG_0060IMG_0061I love these hand-painted tiles that were on the wall outside one of the shops. There are several shops selling hand-painted ceramics and also local art.


We found the panoramic view overlooking the valley and as it was starting to rain hard, ducked into the Bar Ristorante Tonino, right next to the overlook. That was a mistake! We should have known better, as no one else was there. We decided to just get an appetizer and bottle of wine while we waited for the rain to pass. After sampling the wine, I should have sent it back, but being polite, didn’t. It was bad, and I just figured it was a cheap house wine and wouldn’t cost us much. But no! Look at the bill! 20 euro for the worst wine we’ve ever tasted in Italy and they put a 2 euro cover per person on top of that! Do not eat here!!!!!!!!!!!

So moving on…look at that lovely view! Wish the sun was shining!

IMG_0202Still hungry, on the way back down the hill past the main piazza, we spied Il Cacciatore, which was full of people and looked welcoming. It was delightful, very reasonable, and the house wine was good! And all of our food was delicious – definitely recommend them! I wish I was there eating now!

IMG_0094IMG_0082IMG_0090IMG_0083IMG_0091IMG_0084IMG_0088Happy travelers again… now time for a nap! Up next FLORENCE.

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