Italy 2015 ~ Shopping Positano

We awoke on our first morning in Positano ready to explore the picturesque town renowned for their summery style of clothing, handmade sandals and painted ceramics. Monica and Denise are pro shoppers, so I knew I was in for a long day. I’m going to combine two days of shopping into this one, as we scoped out several places the first day and then went back and made purchases the next. View from our balcony…

IMG_1141Italians love to garden and there are little plots everywhere, always neatly tended.IMG_1143As we were getting ready, we began to hear music up the way. We went out to see what was going on, and it was a marching band walking down the road! How wonderful! There is nothing like a marching band to get you going in the morning, and we discovered they worked their way down the hill and through town, ending up at the main beach area.

Wally set off ahead of us with plans for us to meet up with him for lunch. However one far-off glimpse of him going round a curve a long ways downhill was the last we saw of him. Here are some shots going down our street…

IMG_1082IMG_1083IMG_1086Look at the view as we go down the hill overlooking Postiano!!


IMG_0861A great little ceramics shop in the curve…IMG_1088IMG_1087All three of us fell in love with La Bottega di Brunella in Positano. They have three stores, with the largest one at the top of the hill featuring clothing, accessories and linens for the home. They have another further down the hill with clothing and accessories, and then one near the bottom of the hill below the church. They feature loom-woven linens that are amazing and all are one-of-a-kind. Learn more about them and their Positano fashion lines at their website:

IMG_0837We’re going to head on down the hill…IMG_0840IMG_0859

IMG_0838Monica wanted some shoes and chose Artiginanto Rallo to have them made. She picked out the style, and then we watched as their friendly shoemaker fitted her and then made up a pair in not time, making sure they fit comfortably before letting her leave.


IMG_0025We hear music again… here comes the band!

We stopped in to see the inside of the gorgeous church with the mosaic tiled dome that dominates the scenery of Positano, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Here’s a picture we had taken earlier so you can see most of the church.


The La Brunella di Bottega store below the Church of Santa Maria Assunta was my favorite of the three for their blues, reds and other bright summer colors. Each piece of clothing is handmade and the dye lots are all different, so no two pieces are alike. We all found several pieces we loved and left with full bags! The shopkeeper was so sweet, helping with selections and accessories and always smiling.

Time for a drink and more gelato for Monica. Someone told her to have gelato every day, and she’s been working on it!

We made it to the bottom of the hill to the Spiaggia Grande. Time to head back up and see what we missed on some of the side streets…We picked up straw Italian hats and some shirts at the shop right behind them in the photo. They had the best selection of hats that we saw in town and most were under $20.

IMG_0846Another boutique that drew us in was Antica Sartoria that had lots of discount racks out front. Their style is very feminine to romantic, and their prices were reasonable. We took turns trying on and modeling our selections and the shop attendant was so fun! She knew her business and would say yes or no, whether it was good for you or not. We left with bulging bags from here too!

We decided Wally needed a new look, so chose Boutique Rino di Casola Francesco further up the hill on Via Pasitea to get him some nice linen shirts. This is a second generation shop, with the son now operating the boutique. They specialize in high quality flax linen clothing and accessories. Denise got a shirt for her son, and I got Wally white, blue and purple shirts and a blue scarf for me.

IMG_0032IMG_0031The owner was very helpful with our selections. IMG_0033The shop dog

IMG_1090I tried on a shirt to see what size Wally would need, and with my new hat on, I’m getting a feel for this new look. IMG_0030Time for lunch with a view back up the hill at Ristorante Caffe Positano. Looking at that view and those plates of food makes me want to be back there right now! It was sooo good!

IMG_0864IMG_0034IMG_0040IMG_0037IMG_0036IMG_0038IMG_0035We finished up and went back to our apartment to find Wally. He had rested and read and had been wondering if we got lost.

IMG_0871.jpgDenise presented him with his new straw Italian hat and white linen shirt we had gotten him during our shopping spree so he could look more Italian.

We rested a bit and for dinner walked just a minute up the street to Saraceno d’Oro Ristorante and Pizzeria. It was a nice evening, so we chose one of the outdoor tables on the street. As you can see it was another perfect Italian meal!

IMG_0914IMG_0916IMG_0919Whew! Long day and time to head home and rest. Up next, day trip to the Isle of Capri.

Here’s my post on our day trip to Positano two years previously in 2013, and I featured lots of the painted ceramics, boutiques, art, etc. that I didn’t cover in this blog.

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