Italy 2015 ~ Leaving Positano, Arriving in Rome

We loaded up and left Positano around 10 a.m. to an overcast sky for our drive back to Rome. It’s is just boggling how these big buses squeak past each other on the Amalfi Coast! It required some give and take for them to inch past each other and move on to the next bottleneck. Whew!

This was our last three nights in Rome, and we knew better than to try to take a rental car into Rome. Our plan was to return it to the airport car rental agency, and then catch a cab to our apartment. We made it to the car return an hour later than our supposed return time, but after asking nicely, the rental car agent didn’t charge us extra.

We lucked out when going into the exit area and found a cab driver that had a roomy van and spoke English. He knew exactly where our apartment was on Via Del Governo Vecchio in downtown historic Rome and dropped us off at the front door. He gave us his card and said to call him the night before our departure if we wanted to schedule pickup back to the airport. It worked out great and another travel dilemma solved! (how to get a cab big enough for 4 people and all our luggage – definitely needed the van).

Here’s our street, Via Del Governo Vecchio, just a couple of blocks from Piazza Navona, a few more to Campo dei Fiori, minutes to Piazza Pantheon, and 15 minutes to the Vatican. The perfect location! Our street had a multitude of restaurants, gelaterias, boutiques, antique and vintage clothing shops, a liquor store, market and more. Everything you could possibly need within steps!

In the third big photo, our apartment is the one on the left on the third floor with the balcony. It was very reasonable for a three-bedroom gorgeously appointed apartment and we loved it! The girls shared one of the twin rooms and used the second twin bedroom as their dressing room. They had a deluxe white marble bathroom across the hall. We took the master bedroom and had our own lovely marble bathroom too. Here’s a link to the management’s website: P & F Apartments, Apartments di Patrizia Fabri,

Check out our view along the street from our wonderful balcony! Just be sure and lock your windows and doors anywhere you stay in Rome when not in your apartment. We loved people watching from our balcony!


IMG_1265IMG_0477IMG_0476IMG_0479After unpacking a bit and getting settled in (and some wine of course) it was time to explore! We caught sunset in Piazza Navona and worked our way around it to see all the angles.


IMG_1174IMG_1362IMG_1183IMG_1316IMG_1320There are all kinds of freaky panhandling schemes but this “baby” was probably one of the most creative we saw. See the video below the photo to see his antics – they’re hilarious! Plus you get a feel for Piazza Navona!

IMG_1305Here’s the baby video:

IMG_1319IMG_1314IMG_1317Locals playing music always adds to the atmosphere and these guys had drawn a crowd.

IMG_1178Here’s a quick video of them playing on the piazza:

IMG_1321IMG_1181We were starving by this time, and walking back down our street, heard and saw a crowd packed into the Abbey Theatre Irish Pub. Looking through the windows, we saw that there was a rugby championship match on television and it was packed. Irish food sounded really good after two and a half weeks in Italy, and the girls liked all the manly men in the pub, so we walked in and found ONE LONE TABLE in the pub ~ like it was waiting on us! The beer, stew and fish and chips were the delicious and we enjoyed watching the match too. Wish I had snapped more photos but I was tired and getting photoed out by this time.

IMG_1328IMG_1329IMG_1326Now for the finale of the night… gelato! Our gelateria Frigidarium just down the street was the perfect ending for the night. Here’s their Facebook page link.

IMG_1325That’s me in the bottom left corner…IMG_1360It was delish, and that’s it for now. Headed back to apartment and crashed. Got to be up early in the morning for our tour of Rome, the Colosseum, etc.



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