Italy 2015 ~ The Colosseum & Around Rome

 It was another beautiful day and we started our morning with a stop in Campo de’ Fiori for breakfast and some quick shopping.

Breakfast at Baccanale Campo de’ Fiori Roma


IMG_0096Monica and Denise loved the leather goods vendor’s products right as you entered the market, and had decided to pick up a few things to take home. He offered purses, wallets, men’s bags and more.

IMG_0099IMG_0375There was a hat and scarf vendor next to him, and I picked out a black felt hat and black scarf for myself before shopping the leather. I like small cross body purses, and picked out the black and brown purse I have on in the picture below. IMG_0102Happy shoppers : ) Happy vendor! IMG_0103We had purchased tickets for the Colosseum, Forum and Roman Palatine ahead of time so we could “skip the line”, and we were very happy we had. Here’s some of the sights along the way to the Colosseum.

Arriving at the Colosseum we “skipped the line” and went right in with our printouts. To get your tickets online, here’s the official site:

The architecture is amazing to see, and to imagine how it was during the Roman reign almost 2,000 years ago! Here’s a site with some history information about it:

I recommend keeping a water bottle with you while traveling in Rome. You can refill at their public water spigots for clean, cold water.As you can see from Wally’s photo below, we did not bring our water bottle on this day!

Done with the Colosseum, we moved on towards the Forum and Palatine Hill. This couple was taking their “selfie” with the Colosseum behind them.

The Roman monuments and buildings are really quite amazing to see, and so detailed.

Climbing the Palatine Hill, you get great views over the ancient city of Rome. WOW! What a picture-perfect day we had!

IMG_0521IMG_0509IMG_1385Hot, tired and thirsty, we finished up with our tour and navigated to the Jewish Ghetto, where I had plotted our lunch destination. The Jewish Ghetto is a relatively short brisk walk from the Colosseum, and the tree-lined sidewalks along the Tiber River were welcome in the heat.

Fonzie Burger was our lunch destination in the quiet Jewish Ghetto, and was easy to find. They had rave reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp and more, and we were ready for a fat juicy burger after two weeks of Italian-style dishes. Soooo many choices… mmmmm…

And it was soooo good! Highly recommend for your Rome burger and fry fix! At this point we decided to part company. The girls wanted to go see the shopping district and some of the other Rome sites we had already seen. They took a cab to the Spanish Steps area (where they found the steps closed) and we walked back to our apartment by Piazza Navona to rest and relax. Here are snapshots from the girl’s afternoon around Rome from assistant photo blogger Monica.

They returned from their afternoon sightseeing blitz, and we made our evening plan to see more of Rome after dark. Our street was starting to get lively as we made our way through the ancient streets. We stopped off at some of the churches that were open, including the Baroque-style beauty, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene on the Piazza della Maddalena near the Pantheon. Learn more about the church history here:

 You have to experience the Pantheon Piazza at night when musicians are playing. Seeing this amazing building erected in 125 AD is quite amazing. In the next blog we’ll re-visit the Pantheon in the morning to see the interior.

We worked our way back through the winding alleys to Piazza Navona so the girls could check out some of the artists. Monica loved this artist’s rendering of Positano that we had just left, and took it home for one of her trip souvenirs.

We made it back to our street, Via del Governo Vecchio, and Cantina & Cucina Hosteria & Pizzeria lured us inside for dinner. It was packed, but we got a table quickly and placed our orders. And when they came, it was divine! Very good!

After dinner, we wandered down Via del Governo Vecchio a bit, and I loved these chalkboard signs outside the local market.

Back at the apartment, I decided to rest a few minutes and catch my second wind… or maybe not.

IMG_1361Next up, last day in Rome and Italy ~ back to the U. S. A.  ZZZZzzzzz






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One thought on “Italy 2015 ~ The Colosseum & Around Rome

  1. Amazing pictures, seems like a FAB day would be an understatement 🙂 bella Roma!

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