Italy 2015 ~ The Vatican

For our last day in Italy, we had tickets for the Vatican Museums. But first, breakfast and a whirlwind walk to see the Pantheon and a few last minute sites for the girls to tick off their list. We had noticed Il Fornaio on the way to Campo di Fiori on Via dei Baullari and all of their yummy looking pastries reeled us inside. We emerged with hot coffee and bags of pastries to fuel us, and sped through the drizzle first to see Piazza Farnese, and then towards the Pantheon.

 They did a quick tour of Basilica Santa Maria sopra Minerva, and then entered the Pantheon for a quick tour. I did an extensive blog featuring the Basilica and Pantheon from a previous trip, so won’t repeat those here, but here’s links if you are interested.



 Time to get ready for our visit to the Vatican … we took a cab and arrived in minutes. Our tickets were for the Vatican Museums only. If you wish to see St. Peter’s Cathedral interior,  you have to get a ticket that includes that. The line was very long for St. Peters!

The Gallery of Tapestries – note the size of them compared to Monica, Wally and Denise.

IMG_1430IMG_1456The Gallery of Maps was awesome! We loved the charmingly depicted maps from the various regions in Italy.

IMG_1455IMG_1441Below is TuscanyIMG_1452The Campania map below features Naples and the Amalfi Coast, which we had just left.

IMG_1448IMG_1450Looking out the window you can see how the galleries wrap around a big parking area.

IMG_0436We then entered into the various halls and chapels adorned by renowned artists and they are amazing in their detail and vibrant colors. You could look for hours and still see something new in each panel. They include Raphael’s Rooms and more.


IMG_1469IMG_1470There was a modern arts collection next that included Henry Matisse.

Then came the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo… they funnel you through the Sistine Chapel calling for no photos and silence. We were silent…. Wow! Absolutely boggling!

IMG_0449IMG_1476IMG_1474IMG_1475I mentioned this in an earlier blog on Florence, but its worth re-mentioning – if you have any interest in architecture or art, read these two books before, during or after your visit to Italy to learn the background and evolution of these masterpieces.

IMG_1488We exited through a hall filled with small treasures and the girls shopped the gift store for gifts and souvenirs. We walked out and around the Vatican walls until we reached St. Peter’s Square and the line for those waiting to get inside St. Peter’s Basilica was verrry long.


IMG_0483We decided to walk back to our apartment after stopping to check how much a cab was and they were charging four times more than what we had paid on the way over. Luckily it didn’t take long to get home and the rain held off for us.


IMG_0508IMG_0504Back on our street, Via del Governo Vecchio, and it was time to eat again. Pictured below is our apartment entry and balcony above.

IMG_0519We decided we would eat at Mimi and Coco Wine Bar, which was located right below our balcony for our last dinner in Italy. IMG_0512Our last pizza in Italy for a while. And our server kindly treated us to a round of after-meal Limoncellos. Grazie!


Sadly, it was time to pack up for our morning departure back to the U.S.A. We walked down to the Frigidarium for one last gelato cone to use up our Euro coins, and finished off our last bottle of wine.

Another amazing trip to Italy! Ciao! Grazie mille!

IMG_1385We’ll be back!

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