Puerto Rico Dec. 2015 ~ Around Rincon

We awoke our first morning at Casa Blanca to roosters crowing, dogs barking and a cat in the bed with us… We had slept on our outdoor king-sized bed, enjoying watching the stars travel across the sky and the pleasant evening temperatures. I heard a bell tinkling in the night, but didn’t really think much about it. We’re used to two dogs sleeping with us, so an extra little body wasn’t something out of the ordinary. Wally’s animal magnetism must have attracted this friendly fellow, and he hung out with us for several days.

We took a walk around the neighborhood, exploring our little beach where we found some pretty sea glass and a few shells. I love the small wooden boats the locals use for fishing, and there was some really cool cactus growing in the trees.

A typical street in Puerto Rico

IMG_1755We decided to explore up the coast to some of Rincon’s beaches. You have to look very closely for handmade signs on the road and dirt tracks that lead down to the beach. Amazingly, Steps Beach is on the edge of a cattle farm – I wonder how much that farm is worth in beachfront property??? They use local trees and branches for their fence posts and having been a cattle farmer for years, I’m amazed the whole fence doesn’t just fall over – kind of like how the telephone poles lean precariously! IMG_1600We pulled in and parked to explore Steps Beach and here it is – beautiful and quiet with just a few families and couples basking in this paradise.

IMG_1633Note the concrete “steps” in the waterIMG_1635Back on the main road, you never know what might come along. The Puerto Ricans love their horses! IMG_1603The Punta Higuero Lighthouse was our main destination and we had great light for our visit. Here’s a link with history:  http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=1161

IMG_1589The walkways offer fabulous views along the beach. IMG_1591IMG_1596IMG_1594After our photo ops at the lighthouse, Maria’s Beach was our next stop just up the road. This is a surfing beach and from the looks of their sign, must be good for whale watching during their migration. There were a few surfers out with some tame waves coming in – big surf season is yet to come.

The Calypso Cafe is right next to the beach and was our obvious lunch spot. Rum drinks, juicy burgers and a tasty wrap had us ready for a nap. http://home.coqui.net/calypso/bar.htm

So back to the casa for a snooze, and then some beach time down the road. Life’s good…

IMG_1728IMG_1719IMG_1734IMG_1737IMG_1738IMG_1775IMG_1732Sunset from our porch – it’s as if the sun drops off the side of the world… glorious!

IMG_1660IMG_0695IMG_0720IMG_0714IMG_0716IMG_0738IMG_0731IMG_0701And that’s it for today… next up, Cabo Rojo.

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