Puerto Rico Dec. 2015 ~ Cabo Rojo

Our destination for the day was a day trip south of Rincon to Cabo Rojo and its lighthouse perched on the cliffs. There are salt flats and this is part of the Caribbean so the water becomes more aqua and calm. Picture below is an inlet of water that lies behind the lighthouse. Here’s a link with lots more info: http://www.topuertorico.org/city/caborojo.shtml

IMG_0759Manatees can be found in these calm waters but we didn’t see any that day. IMG_1670

IMG_1671Here’s a panoramic view


IMG_1688IMG_1680IMG_1682IMG_1686IMG_1685Several artist’s works are displayed inside the lighthouse. IMG_1681IMG_1679IMG_1683

IMG_0779The chalky cliffs are dangerous near the edges as they are eroded underneath the edge. People have died from getting too close to the edge and the cliff lip crumbled away with them. The penisula this couple is on is wider than it looks!IMG_0781IMG_0780IMG_0782The coast guard keeps a close watch over the lighthouse area…IMG_0770IMG_0776IMG_0765IMG_0787IMG_1690Back at the parking lot was a litter of young cats someone must have dropped. People were leaving them food and they were probably scavenging from the trash cans. IMG_0788We picked nearby Annie’s Place Restaurant for drinks and a snack of ceviche and fried calamari rings. Great view of the calm Caribbean sea…

IMG_1716IMG_1714IMG_1703IMG_1713IMG_1701IMG_1697IMG_1698IMG_1700IMG_1702IMG_1706IMG_1708IMG_1710Filled up, we drove back north to our casa for an afternoon siesta.

IMG_1746For late afternoon entertainment, we drove back north to Maria’s Beach to watch the surfers at sunset.IMG_0814This cute dog was wondering about and came to say hello.

IMG_0664IMG_0680Wally wanted to try out the local oysters they brought up from the Cabo Rojo area – they were quite small!

 Another amazing sunset!


IMG_0832IMG_0803IMG_0801IMG_0843IMG_0825IMG_0826IMG_0807That’s all for now!

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