Puerto Rico Dec. 2015 ~ Punta Tuna Lighthouse

This is our third lighthouse visit this trip, and they have all been very different. Our destination for the day  was to the Faro Punta Tuna Lighthouse in Maunabo. We drove south, then up and over the mountains and through small villages with breathtaking views out over the ocean.

IMG_1880We arrived in the small village area of Maunabo using GPS, and was pretty surprised when we pulled up to the lighthouse museum and there was very little parking. The Faro Punta Tuna Lighthouse was built in 1890 and is still in use today. The grounds are maintained by the locals, and there is no fee to tour the grounds. They just ask you to sign in at their little office, and have a display of local artifacts and bathrooms upstairs.

It is a lovely lighthouse perched on the cliffs overlooking deserted beaches and aqua waters. Some locals were doing a photo shoot while we walked around. Here’s some links to find out more about the lighthouse history. http://www.lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=1173


I loved catching the frigate directly above the lighthouse!

IMG_0874IMG_0878IMG_0873IMG_0872IMG_1869IMG_1867If you want to walk on the beach, you have to go back to the entrance by the museum, and then take the dirt path down the other side of the fence. Lizards were jumping around everywhere in the underbrush, and I swear I could hear crabs scurrying around. It’s untended, and you feel like Gilligan and the Skipper exploring a deserted island.

At the beach, there is lots of flotsam, but not much trash. Just natural stuff for the most part. If you are into collecting driftwood, you’ll find plenty here. Someone had erected a wooden cross on the beach.

On the way back, we stopped off at one of the highest points on the hill where a pincho vendor was set up. Wow – what a view he had! We got 3 pork and chicken pinchos for $5, and it was the perfect light lunch. We talked to him for a while, and he actually owns the property and is planning on building a restaurant there.

IMG_1880He told us about his favorite local beach at the bottom of the hill, so we drove down to check it out. We got a laugh at the ingenuity of whoever had gotten their travel trailer up on top of their house foundation for temporary quarters. There was a pretty beach with just a few people out enjoying the day.

Heading back north we wanted to go back through Punta Santiago and Naguabao. I was delighted to find a local fundraiser of sorts going on at the local pier that sits in front of Monkey Island. They had a vintage and custom bike display, arts and crafts vendors, food and a silent auction. I had wanted some sea glass jewelry and a girl had a table full of it, and it was so cheap!!! I think I got all five pieces pictured below for around $22!!! Happy, Happy!

Our dinner destination was at Naguabo, just  a few minutes from Punta Santiago. There are some gorgeous beaches between the two communities, and locals pull in and set up for the day under the palms.

IMG_1916We had eaten at Restaurant El Makito on a previous trip, and love their porch view over the turquoise bay. It’s a little fishing village, so the fish is caught right out there and served up for you. They also have fresh fish and lobsters for sale that you can buy and take with you. They aren’t cheap though, so be prepared to pay for the view and fresh seafood. I ordered some conch fritters and Wally got a whole fried fish, which he shared with me. http://www.elmakito.com/

I took lots more photos around Naguabo on our previous visit, and they are featured along with the Luquillo Food Kiosks at: https://busybeetraveler.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/palmas-del-mar-to-luquillo-puerto-rico-destination-food-kiosks/

We made it home in time to fix our cocktails and go for a long walk on the beach to watch sunset.

IMG_1924IMG_1922IMG_1920IMG_1928Another amazing day exploring this island!

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