Sanibel Island, Florida, Jan. 2016, Arriving on Sanibel

We wanted to explore the Southeastern area of Florida, so booked a week at Sanibel Arms on Sanibel Island.

We had been to Sanibel several years before and liked it, so decided to use it as our base for the week. We flew in on Southwest Airlines and rented a car at?? and set our GPS to Sanibel. We were hungry and wanted to get some groceries before we got on the island, so I picked Gator Bites for lunch so we could sample some seafood. It is in the same shopping center as the Publix Supermarket on Summerlin Rd., right before you get on the bridge to Sanibel. There’s also a liquor store located in the shopping center, so covered all our needs.

But back to that food at Gator Bites Tail & Ale – yummy, fried greasy seafood in an inviting casual atmosphere. It was ALL good!

Stocked up, we paid our toll to cross the bridge and made our way to Sanibel Arms. We checked in, unloaded into our apartment and headed to the beach. There were lots of shells, urchins, sponges and debris that had washed in.

I LOVED these guys!!! IMG_2207IMG_2211We walked the beach until sunset and tired from our day of travel, ordered pizza and wings to be delivered from Island Pizza. Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water again. They’ve been there since 1977 and were voted 2009-2015 “Best Pizza on the Island.” They get my vote!

That’s all for now! Time to zzzz…

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