Sanibel Island, Florida, Jan. 2016 ~ Stormy Weather

We awoke to rain and an ugly weather forecast – and tornadoes! They had just had a similar bunch of nasty storms the week before. It stormed and stormed and stormed… and finally in the early afternoon, stopped raining. The island was flooded! So we went out to the beach to explore. Wow! NO more beach and high tide coming in! Water was pouring down the paths. Good thing we had our water shoes and could wade out a bit.

IMG_2313After a few hours the tide receded, and a ghostly fog came over the beach. We took our beach chairs, a cooler of beer and books out to hang out and watch the beachcombers. It was like watching beach zombies!

IMG_1468IMG_1498Lots of debris had gotten pushed up into the plant area.

IMG_1306IMG_1422IMG_1468Isn’t this a cool silhouette picture? IMG_1500IMG_1418Others started bringing their chairs and loungers out and it became an after-storm party!

It was so fun to watch this mother teaching her daughter to do  cartwheels!

And this guy was full of himself!

The sun starting to peek out through the fog…

I think these birds must be very smart! I called this one “Spot” for his spotty tail feathers. He would hang out, waiting for handouts. And if you gave him something, he would remember you the next time you came to the beach and follow you around!

Surf’s Up! IMG_1436For dinner we went to another island favorite, the Lazy Flamingo on Periwinkle Way, and ordered up a cheeseburger and fish sandwich. Going to have to go on diet when we get home!

Fat and full and done for the day! Hoping for blue skies please??!!

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