Las Vegas 2016 ~ MGM Pool & Mon Ami Gabi

We went to the big MGM Pool for our second day of sun – the girls wanted more “action” to keep them entertained while they baked.

We had cocktails and got ready for the night out on the town…we LOVE having balconies at the MGM Signature Suites so we can enjoy watching the sun go down and lights come up. It’s a little off the strip but still get the effect.

And we’re off… the girls want to go check out the “shoppes” at Caesars Palace.

Now, moving on to dinner… We had been told to try the fabulous French restaurant under the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd, Mon Ami Gabi, so that was our dinner destination. I have to confess, we had a fabulous French Bordeaux  bottle of wine in the bar waiting on our table and became lax in my photo taking after that. This was the BEST meal we have ever had in Vegas and will go back again and again.

The funny part of our evening was after we got seated on the patio facing the Bellagio and the fountains were spraying and everything should have been perfect… except for that lone guitar player that thought to get tips from his playing of hard rock on the street. It totally ruined the atmosphere! After a few minutes of his noise making, Monica jumped up and trotted down to him. After a minute, we saw him start packing up his guitar and gear and moving off. Monica pumped her arms and came striding back to our table triumphantly. “I gave him $20 to move up the road to Planet Hollywood!” Other diners started clapping and some even came over and gave her some money. Our waitress came out and said dessert was on the house! I think that was creme brule that we slaughtered in about five seconds after she brought it. Great wine, great food, great atmosphere (just hope he doesn’t return to try and cash in on other distressed diners)!

And we’re done… back to the Signature to sleep off the wine and food!

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