Mexico, April 2016 ~ Soliman Bay

We found very reasonable non-stop airfare on Delta from Nashville to Cancun – only 2 hours 40 minute flight – and decided to hop down to our favorite beach destination, Soliman Bay and Tulum for a week. Our flight arrived mid-morning so by the time we headed south down the highway toward Tulum we were starved. We stopped off for a snack at one of the gas station areas and discovered there was a new little restaurant next door, Eat Acate at Market Playa. It looked clean and inviting, so we ordered up some burritos and a fruit smoothie for lunch. And it was very good! They have a pretty big selection, and you tell them what you want and then grab a spot at the family-style picnic table. I loved their chalkboard art and menus, recycled tin decor and cool artsy details.

With our bellies full, we were ready to reach our destination, Nah Uxibal vacation rental on Soliman Bay. It didn’t take us a minute to drop our bags and head to our favorite spots on the beach. Within five minutes our favorite beach dog Mimi had joined us!

We met our neighbors, enjoyed cocktails, and called it a day…

IMG_4617Ahhh.. home sweet hammock!

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