Mexico April 2016 ~ Around Nah Uxibal & Soliman Bay

We spent part of a week at Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay in April catching up with our friends and enjoying some sun, sand, water, good eats and company.

Dawn of a new day on Soliman Bay at Nah Uxibal…



Our resident woodpeckers have been in the tree for years now.

The big house top at Nah Uxibal

IMG_4636Javier doing his morning beach raking…Wally wants his job!

Mimi! Our beloved beach dog…and snapshots on my morning walk.



I love watching for birds and critters along the bay…

Hmmm, how to wile away the time… swim, snorkel, kayak, read, nap, eat, repeat…



IMG_3500IMG_3501IMG_3502IMG_3505IMG_3508Casa Corazon’s Chilly and Willy stopped by to hang out for a bit…

Then we followed them home to Casa Corazon for a beach barbecue with Tom and his visiting friends.

That’s all for now!

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