Travel Italy 2016: Winery Tour & Lunch at Poggio Antico, Montalcino

We were in the mood for a winery visit and lunch, so after searching the internet for wineries open on Sunday (which is limited), we chose Poggio Antico in Montalcino. They are open daily 10-6 including holidays, and prefer appointments for tours and tastings and reservations for dining. I’m so glad we decided on them, as it was one of the best meals during our two-week stay, and their wines are amazing! Looking back at our photos makes me want to book a trip back today!

The drive from Montepulciano to Montalcino is breath-takingly awesome, no matter what season you visit. This was in July, and they were harvesting hay – tractors crawling across the hills cutting, raking and rolling round bales.

As you go up the hill into Montalcino, be sure and stop at the bd Enoteca to check out all the area wine selections. We’ve learned this is a great store to stock up on a wide variety of wines and liquors. To reach Poggio Antico, we went past the town of Montalcino and into the countryside. See some of my previous posts on Montalcino from other visits.

Poggio Antico is a 500-acre estate that has vineyards, olive groves and beautiful vistas. Visit their website to learn more at:

The vineyards are electric fenced to keep the wild hogs out.

The restaurant is the first building you come to, and to get to the cantina, walk past it and into the courtyard behind. The back terrace of the restaurant looks out over the countryside.

We were able to join a tour of the cellars that had just started, and made reservations for our tasting and lunch afterwards. You can tell by all of the framed awards on the wall that their wines are highly acclaimed!

Time to taste… and what great tastes!

After our wine sampling, it was time for lunch on the terrace. This was one of our most expensive meals, but it was well worth it! We chose a bottle of their Rosso di Montalcino and started ordering food.

Their menu selections were more interesting than any we had tried in Tuscany, and each dish that arrived was delicious! What a perfect afternoon!

Everyone was out dining on the terrace, but indoor dining is also available.

 Back into the dusty car to meander back to Montepulciano and Villa Mazzi.


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