Poppi Castle

We decided on a visit to the town of Poppi and Poppi Castle for our next Tuscan day trip, and would highly recommend it if you are in the area! There were fields of sunflowers blooming along the way, and the scenery is more wooded hills. Here’s a great link to find out more about visiting Poppi: https://www.discovertuscany.com/casentino/poppi-castle.html

We left early in the morning when the mists were rising around Montepulciano where we were staying. What a beautiful drive! IMG_6839IMG_6842IMG_6843And in the distance, a hot air balloon was drifting towards Montepulciano. That’s still on our “to do” list on our next visit! IMG_6844Along the way to Poppi…

Poppi Castle perched on the hill…

We strolled through some of the churches and through the streets. It was VERY quiet, with almost no one else in the historic “centro” part of town. If horsemen had come clattering up the street, I wouldn’t have been surprised. It just felt like you had stepped back three centuries in time!

It was a small fee to tour the castle and well worth it!

On the way home we stopped off in another ancient hilltop town, Castiglion Fiorentino, for lunch. The outdoor cafe The Garden drew us in, and the their diverse menu included sandwiches and burgers, which of course we were craving. It was delicious, and we enjoyed our al fresco lunch.

IMG_7042IMG_7044And homeward bound to Villa Mazzi at Montepulciano! IMG_7053This is our last day in Tuscany, and my next blog we’ll be in Rome!

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