Merida to Valladolid to Tulum

We needed a shot of coffee to get us going for our do on the road and I wanted to check out Cafe La Habana just a block from our hotel. We got these delicious frothy coffees and one of the servers showed me their coffee room. You can buy their coffee and we got some to take with us for the rest of our visit. I definitely want to try them for a meal next time! fullsizeoutput_415b

There were people all along the roads on their Virgin of Guadalupe pilgrimages. We felt like we were part of a moving festival! fullsizeoutput_4185fullsizeoutput_4183We arrived in Valladolid, walking past Casa de los Venados, which houses one of the best collections of Mexican folk art in the country. We had toured it before on a previous visit, so you can check out that link at end of this blog and their website to learn more at:

Having read up on restaurant reviews, we wanted to try a new one so chose El Atrio del Mayab on the main central park in town, Parque La Mestiza. We arrived late and there were just a few other tables, so we enjoyed their quiet garden.

IMG_0446It was time for a mid-day cocktail refresher and these were delicious!

Yummy, everything was delicious! I love fried plantains! fullsizeoutput_4172fullsizeoutput_4173fullsizeoutput_4174Next door was Yalat, a nice art gallery with high quality hand crafted Mexican folk art, linens and more.

I had read about a little co-op group that had sheds a few blocks away, and we found it! Only a few of the shops were open, and I found my perfect pair of hand made leather Mexican sandals, a wallet and some bracelets. I think all of it was under $20! The area around Valladolid is cattle country, and they are known for their quality leather goods. Many of the shops around the main square also sell leather goods.

Time to head to Tulum and Nah Uxibal, our next destination for the rest of our trip.fullsizeoutput_4186There’s a really nice rest area along the way for the tour buses, so be sure and make your pit stop here! IMG_5832

Here’s a link to our weekend visit to Valladolid in 2012, and loads more pictures of this pretty town:

We arrived at Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay ready to dip our feet in the water and have a drink after the long day. IMG_5277IMG_5260IMG_8673More to come!

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