30A Florida ~ An Amazing Day: Seagrove & Rosemary Beach

When we looked out the window the next morning, there was an eerie red glow shrouding the Gulf. This was our view from our balcony at Beachcrest Condos at Seagrove Beach, looking towards Panama City Beach. IMG_9431That’s One Seagrove Place in the foreground. IMG_9428The sun-fog lifted and revealed another amazing day on the Emerald Coast. The crystal clear water and sparkling white sand is really so special and if you’ve never been, it’s time to book your trip! Morning view from our balcony and a walk on the beach.

We cruised down to Rosemary Beach and walked around a bit. It feels like we’re in Europe!

fullsizeoutput_4219The Rosemary Farmer’s Market was in full swing, so we browsed the vendors and saw lots of appealing products.

Then back to the beach… those sparkling waters are like a siren’s song… fullsizeoutput_41b9fullsizeoutput_41b8fullsizeoutput_41b7Fall is butterfly migration along the coast, and Monarchs, Gulf Fritallaries and Buckeyes  drift along the dunes, lighting on flowers along the way.

fullsizeoutput_41d0fullsizeoutput_41d1I love this series of bird pictures

Such amazing views from high up on our balcony at Beachcrest Condos! Look at this sweet couple walking on the sand bars!

We could see the rays skimming past, and it was so funny to see the unsuspecting people walking in the water near them!

fullsizeoutput_420efullsizeoutput_420ffullsizeoutput_41daWe heard a buzzing and looked up to see vintage planes cavorting along the beach! They put on a great show, diving and weaving in harmony, and finally laying down smoke as a finale to their show.

Give me that ball – no, it’s mine, go find your own!

fullsizeoutput_41e8Wally watching a big ray pass by just six feet away. His blue linen shirt from Positano, Italy has actually lasted through two years of beach wear so far – amazing!

While I was snapping pictures of Wally, this big fellow came striding up for his photo shoot.

Stalking Wally – “Hey man, you got some fish for me?? Please??”

fullsizeoutput_41cbfullsizeoutput_41d6We are just in awe of the sunsets here – you never know if the show will come as the sun’s descending or afterward with an colorful afterglow. fullsizeoutput_4213fullsizeoutput_4214That’s all for this trip! Stay tuned.. I’ll have lots more on 30A to come in the future.


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