Chichen Itza, lunch at Valladolid, & Arrival at Nah Uxibal ~ Mexico, December 2017

We couldn’t let Monica visit the Yucatan and not see at least one of the amazing Mayan sites. Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage site, and was along our route to Tulum. The architecture is boggling, and if you are interested in the history, be sure and hire a guide – and if it’s hot, use an umbrella for shade! Photos by Jamie and Monica…

The last time Wally and I had been to Chichen Itza was on our honeymoon in 2000, and we got to climb the pyramid then!

Lunch was our next stop, and I had chosen Hotel El Meson del Marques on the Valladolid Square. We had stayed there in the past, and it’s a charming hotel with the restaurant in the interior courtyard. It was a Colonial mansion dating from the early 17th century, and has been operating as a hotel and restaurant for 40 years.


On the back side of the hotel is a lovely pool and bar area to relax.

Time for food and drink..and yet another amazing meal in the Yucatan! There are many cattle and pork ranches in the area, and their meats are a specialty. The marinated pork melts in your mouth, and is so juicy and flavorful.

I love all the bird cages on the wall and the big metal star… IMG_0433

We walked around the square, and Monica did a bit of quick shopping.

Now onward to Tulum…this is a typical home for the locals…IMG_0405We arrived in Tulum and stopped off at Chedraui to pick up some groceries. It’s always fun to explore groceries in other countries!

We arrived a Nah Uxibal “House of Good Energy”, our favorite beach destination, just before sunset. Soliman Bay is about 15 minutes north of Tulum, and about 15 minutes south of Akumal (an hour and half south of Cancun). This is Monica’s first visit, and she snapped lots of pictures… Visit their fabulous new website to learn all about it.

Drop bags and out to the beach!


We reunite with owners and friends Skip and Jeannette and beach dog Sukie, hav a drink, and it was dark before we knew it. We’re all hungry, and after driving all day, decide on dining at Oscar y Lalo’s just across the highway for dinner. Owner Victoria was there, and she brought out some of their special tequilas to try. Their margaritas are large, tasty and powerful, and I love their chaya margarita. Healthy and not too sweet – just right for me! We ordered a variety of their delicious specialty dishes, and enjoyed a great meal with friends! Check out their great website!

Can’t wait for sunrise in the morning and our first beach day!

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