Metz, France to Paris ~ Sept 2018

Leaving Colmar, Paris was our last stop on our journey, however, we had a slight detour along the way. I had done research on Denise’s family, and had found one of her family branches of ancestors were from Metz, France. So we decided to stop off and see their famous Metz St. Stephen’s Cathedral as our lunch stop. After driving around the town a bit lost, we finally figured out where the parking garage was, along with the restrooms! There was an indoor food market “Marche Couvert” just across from the church, so we made a quick run through to see their offerings.



I loved the exterior elements of the cathedral – so many little details! Then we entered the cathedral, and the stained glass windows were boggling! So many colors and designs and elements to take in! Wow! According to their tourism website:

“Built between 1220 and 1552, it is the product of the unification of two distinct churches. With its 42 metre high vaults, it is one of the highest Gothic edifices in Europe. With its 6,500 m² of stained glass windows, the nickname “God’s lantern” is well merited. There are windows from the 13th to the 20th centuries by Hermann de Münster, Thiebault de Lixheim, Valentin Bousch, Jacques Villon and Marc Chagall. These masterpieces of the art of fire and light form a veritable encyclopaedia of the art of stained glass”

 This is the official website of the cathedral: After our cathedral tour, we discovered a food court area just a few blocks away that had outdoor seating with restaurants and food kiosks around it. We went for the greasy sandwiches and French fries.


Back to the car and onward to PARIS!! Note the packed full back of the car… It was pretty countryside along the way, with farming all the way to the outskirts of Paris.


We made it into Paris and found our key pickup spot and finally, our apartment in Le Marais relatively easily. Wally and Monica went to return the rental car, while Denise and I started ferried our bags up the tiny elevator and stairs to our apartment. Our apartment was just a short walk from Place de la Republique, which is lively night and day!


 I found our apartment through Homeaway:


Our apartment was definitely secure with an outer locked door, inner barred gate, another interior door to get to the stairwell and then our apartment door! Wally and Monica texted they were trapped downstairs, and to please let them up. They had walked quite a ways from the rental car drop and were worn out and looked pitiful (they’re going to kill me for posting these, but they’re hilarious)! Brother-sister pain!


Time to get a drink and unpack! Luckily we’d brought lots of wine and liquor with us! After getting settled in and a few cocktails, we walked out to Place de la Republique and discovered swing dancing going on! How fun!


Big day tomorrow as we explore Paris!

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