Family History: HEAD, Coopertown, Tennessee

William Thomas Head & Nancy Elizabeth Holmes Family, Robertson County, TN

William Thomas Head

and Nancy Elizabeth (Holmes) Head Family

Coopertown, Robertson County, Tennessee

Nancy Elizabeth Holmes, W.T. Head childhood tintypes

William Thomas Head, son of:

John Winters Head (1833 – 1873)

 John Winters Head home
John Winters Head home, Jean Dennison drawingSketch by Jean Dennison in the Head/Holmes Family book
and Rosa Ann Rhoda Harris (1832 – 1884)
Rosa Ann Rhoda Harris~~~~~
William Thomas Head

William Thomas Head Hearn portrait

William Thomas Head, W.S. Mahon portrait

Nancy Elizabeth Holmes

Nancy Elizabeth Holmes, Nancy Hutcheson pic

William Thomas Head & Nancy Elizabeth Holmes wedding portrait

William T. & Nancy E. Head, Fielden Bros W.T. Head & Nancy Elizabeth Holmes wedding pic

William Thomas & Nancy Elizabeth Head’s children:

Jesse James Head (1881 – 1974)

Jesse James Head, 2 yrs?

James Henry Holmes, Jesse James Head

Jesse James Head boyhood portrait

Jesse James Head attended Highland Institute in Pleasant View

Jesse James Head attended Highland Institute in Pleasant View

Jesse James Head attended Highland Institute in Pleasant View

"Pleasant View" school, Highland Institute

Jesse J. Head Highland Institute report 1 Jesse J. Head, Highland Inst. report 2

Jesse , Jane, Elizabeth (Head) Dennison, Elizabeth (Holmes) Trabue

Jesse, Jane, Elizabeth (Head) Dennison, Elizabeth (Holmes) Trabue

Jesse James Head portrait, young

Jesse Head, group in parlor

Jesse Head and group on hill

 Jesse Head's bible cover


Eunice Head (1885 – 1886),
Head Family Cemetery, Coopertown, Tennessee
Eunice Head headstone, 1885-86, Head Cemetery~~~~~
John Herman Head (1887 – 1956)
John Herman Head young & old, Head book
John Herman Head older, Head book
 William Tillman Head (1890 – 1982)
 William Tillman Head, young & old, Head book
 Jane Head (1893 – 1995)

Jane Head baby pic

Jane Head 1894 baby pic

Jane & Elizabeth Head 1897

Jane Head 1901 bows in hair

Jane Head early 20sJane Head attended Vanderbilt University and later taught 1st grade for 45 years in Springfield, Tennessee. She never married.

Jane Head Vanderbilt graduation pic“Pikes Peak or Bust” – Jane Head and group

Aunt Jane, Pike's Peak car groupRosa Elizabeth Head (1897 – 1977)

Rosa Elizabeth Head, little girl pic

Rosa Elizabeth Head, girl, rocking horse

Rosa Elizabeth Head, 1901 with hat

Rosa Elizabeth Head, locket pic

Rosa Elizabeth Head pic head turned

Rosa Elizabeth Head, Marshall Dennison, young

Rosa Elizabeth Head wedding pic

Rosa Elizabeth Head's husband, Marshall Dennison young

Rosa Elizabeth Head older portrait


The Head farm in Coopertown, Tennessee

Jj head farm sign, heads

Head house 2 shots

Head house smoke house or crib

Head house, side view

William Thomas Head later built a nice brick house at 207 Walnut Street in Springfield.

Head house, Walnut st front shot

Head House, Walnut St, Springfield, TN

W.T. Head House, Walnut Street, Springfield

And more snapshots of the family and friends

Jesse and Lula Mai Head, 50s?

William T. & Nancy Eliazabeth Head, old

W. T. Head

"Mama Head" portrait, older

W.T. & Nancy Head, children, barns

Head, Clinard, 2 Holmes couples, Nancy Hutcheson pics

Jesse James & Lula Mai Head @ Head house

Miller:Head topo map, coopertown

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Coopertown, TN group visits Mammoth Cave, circa 1908

I was digging around this afternoon and discovered a box in my bonus room from my parent’s stuff. It was a box of old photos from my grandmother, Thelma Head Bowie, and I had seen a few of them, but some I had NEVER seen. My mom told me that the last year before Grandmother had died she had given them this box that had some of her favorite photos. It contained several albums of when she attended Coopertown School in the 1930s, along with her reunion books and quite a few Head family photos. It also had correspondence about her Holmes and Bradley family trees when they were working on the “Head Holmes” family book.

This was my favorite find of the batch so I am just going to post it now. On the back was written by my grandmother “Jesse and Lula Head & a group”. They married Feb. 28, 1910, so I would think this would have been taken a year or two before that as they moved to Arkansas shortly after they married. I’m still trying to figure out which ones they are!

Check out their bandanas and cave crawling socks and shoes and the men’s hats…

Maybe some of you Coopertown folks can identify your relatives? Let me know!

Circa 1908-1909 Coopertown Group visiting Mammoth Cave

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Rambling Fever

I spent the afternoon with one of my Head/Holmes cousins, Nancy Hutcheson, a few weeks ago, and had a great time sharing pictures and memories. She is in her 70s now and took care of her Aunt Jane Head who lived to be over 100. Aunt Jane was the sister to my great-grandfather, Jesse James Head that married Lula Mai Lee.

Nancy’s family lovingly called her “Dot Dot” and it looks like I got my rambling fever from the Head family. I’ll post more photos on her later, but as I plan our September trip to Wyoming this seemed a fun photo to share. Aunt Jane was a spinster school teacher and looks like loved to go on adventures.

My Great Aunt Jane Head on a trip to PIke’s Peak in 1927

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Coopertown and Pleasant View, TN, circa 1900 photos

For those of you that have family from the Coopertown & Pleasant View, Tennessee area, your ancestors might be in these photos. My great grandfather, Jesse James Head, son of William Thomas Head, was born in 1881 and lived in Coopertown. He married Lula Mai Lee (1889-1956), also of Coopertown. These photos were passed to me from my grandmother, Thelma Head Bowie, the daughter of Jesse and Lula Mae Head.

I am posting some of the photos I have that are groups of people that are unidentified… These might be Bidwells, Lees, Millers, Holmes, Hydes, Yorks, Shaws, etc., and was probably circa 1895-1900?

This photo has Jesse James Head pointed out, to his right is Lula Mae Lee, to her right is her first cousin Turner Lee (he was identified by R. David Lee), so who are the two in front?

Lula Mai Lee Head

Lula Mai Lee headshot

Unidentified Coopertown or Pleasant View group. Ralph Felts thought a few of the men looked like Bidwells. The one with the line is Jesse James Head and I think that’s Lula Lee next to him.

Ralph Felts recognized his parents in the below picture of Highland Institute School in Pleasant View, Tennessee… Jesse James Head attended there so I’m sure he’s in there somewhere.

Highland Institute, Pleasant View, Tennessee

Highland Institute, Pleasant View, Tennessee

Jesse James Head Highland Institute report card

Lula Mai Lee and group

Lula Mai Lee and ?

This fellow driving the buggy is also in the picture above in the back row. That’s all for now! Let me know if you know any of the people in the photos so I can share

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