Our Tennessee Century Farm

Spring Wildflowers Around the Farm

Some Spring snapshots from the last few years around the farm…

Around the yard and in the woods

house with geese on pond

bluebird on birch house

creek bluff shelter

creek branch, spring


bluebird hole in post


Brush Creek

Lots of bumbles and bees on the blueberry blooms

bumble flying, blueberry

bumble on blueberry bloom, big

honeybee on blueberry bloom

dogwood & blueberries blooming

canada goose boy, flag

  This clematis has been here for decades

clematis and bridal wreath

clematis vertical after rain

cora bells? creek bank below cabin

creek dripping

dogwood faces

dogwood, closeup blue skies

dogwood, full

dogwoods, wildflower bed


  Hoping to find some of these this year – it’s time!

giant morel on creek bank

giant toadshades by creek

giant trilliums

Our front yard

iris, dogwood blooming

mayapple blooming


mushroom hiding

narcissus after rain

narcissus in creek bottom

Perfoliate Bellwort


purple violets

rock in spring beauties

rue anemone

spring beauties

toadshade trillium, tall!

trillium and cut-leaved toothwort

turkey hen on the fly

virginia bluebells or rabbit tobacco?

Wood duck male on log

two-tone purple iris after rain

Bart & Lou closeup fighting, iris

Bart & Lou wrestling, vert

BArt & Lou, lou on back 1

Bart & Lou, lou on back 2 clsu

Bart on back, iris

Bart sitting by iris

Bart, iris, narcissus


Blueberry babies:blooms

clematis & iris, vert

clematis, iris, bridal wreath, mailbox

clematis, white, grandmothers

Fire pink & yellow trillium

goose daddy on bank

goose in barrel

Iris & snowdrop

Lou, dogwood vert

Lou,iris & dogwood, hor

tulips, red and white

viola faces

white wildflower

Dogwood and viburnum

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Spring Daffodils at our Farm

Snapshots from the last few years around the farm of the daffodils….

TN Century farm sign, daffodils

daffodil closeup

daffodils and barn, bottom

daffodil field 2

daffodil field, creek bottom

daffodils and barn  herd below cabin, daffodils

herd in daffodils 2

herd in daffodils, 3:10

Huffman cabin from below

huffman cabin int, front door

huffman cabin interior 1

huffman cabin log joinery

huffman cabin side, daffodils, cows

huffman cabin, big tree, cows

mom at creek

mom in daffodils looking up

mom waving in daffodils

calves in daffodils

cow and red calf, spring

cows by cabin

cows grazing, daffodils

cows in daffodils 3

Cowan daffodils

lenten rose and daffodils

dogs in daffodils, cmyk

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Bumper Berry Crop, 2012

Blueberries with spring buds

This spring our blueberries and blackberries were loaded with blooms. For every bloom there is a berry, so as long as it didn’t come a late frost we knew we were going to have a bumper crop of berries.

We had mulched the rows in the fall and with the early spring rains, fertilized them and then watched them grow…

The blueberries mulched for winter


Loaded bushes


As they ripened I began picking.. and picking and picking…

Wally suggested using a really big bowl to put on the ground that we could just drop the berries into and that’s what I started using.

Wineberries, a type of raspberry

Big bowls of berries

We rinsed the blueberries, spread them on sheets and then put a big floor fan on them to dry.

Drying the berries

The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer does a great job of juicing the berries and removing the seeds for jelly and juice.

And more picking…

Jeff and Cody picking berries

So the youngsters would know which berries to pick that were ripe we had them take a taste test. Evan figured out pretty quick the powdery blue ones were much more tasty than the red ones.

Blane’s spot in the blueberry patch

So after picking blueberries for a while the boys were ready to fish in the pond.

Jeff and Blane


His first fish ever!

That’s all for now!

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Lavender Dog Days, 2012

Bee in motion

I’m just too brain weary after being in the sun with 90 degrees and 100% humidity (or so it seemed) all day, picking blueberries, to give a destination blog my full attention, so will instead, just post my May photo shoot around the yard. We planted lots of lavender last year in hopes that the bees would be attracted to it and we would get some lavender honey, as well as a future item to sell. I love the smell of lavender and was so glad most of it made it through the winter and has flourished and bloomed. We planted Hidcote and Munstead English lavenders and the French Provence variety along the pond. The honeybees do seem to like it okay, but the bumblebees LOVE it!

Bee on Provence lavender

Lou, Bart and Tash

The old tobacco planter now resides in our flower bed

I planted gladiolus in front of our asparagus row this year

Over and out for the night… will have to do the berry picking blog in days to come. You know – in between berry picking!

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