Savannah, GA to Daufuskie Island, SC ~ August 2015

We decided to take a quick getaway at the end of August to one of our favorite Southern beach and golf destinations, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. After doing a quick search, we decided to try out the Cotton Sail Hotel located on the Savannah riverfront for our first night’s stay.

Our drive from Nashville to Savannah takes around 8 hours, so its easier to stay the night in Savannah and then catch the early morning ferry to Daufuskie Island. Plus we enjoy getting our fresh oyster and seafood fix in Savannah! We arrived at the Cotton Sail to a dreary, drizzly afternoon and got checked in. The hotel has valet parking or you can park just a block around the corner at a public parking garage for cheaper (which we did).


We love having a balcony, which was why we chose the Cotton Sail, and it had a nice view right on the river. The room had two big windows and was bright and cheery.

IMG_9705 IMG_9712


The view from our balcony and windows…

IMG_9706 IMG_9707 IMG_9711   IMG_9718IMG_9754


The back view of the Cotton Sail shows the balconies for the rooms.


We dropped our luggage and headed out to stretch our legs and find food. The candy store always lures me in just to see and smell all the goodies.

IMG_9758 IMG_9759

IMG_9765 IMG_9760 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763 IMG_9764  IMG_9767 IMG_9771

We awoke to a bit of sunshine and drove over to the Westin across the river to catch the Bloody Point ferry to Daufuskie  Island. IMG_9775

We had booked last minute, and chose one of the Sandy Lane Villas that is owned by Bloody Point Golf Course. They offer a package deal that offers the ferry service, golf cart rental, golf and the villa. When you arrive at the Bloody Point dock they meet your with golf carts or a van, and take you to the club house to get checked in and get your golf cart.


Here’s the Sandy Lane Villas from the beach. Our villa was a spacious three bedroom, three bath and was huge for us, but lodging is limited on the island, and we really like being right on Bloody Point’s beach.


IMG_9724 IMG_9726  IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9734 IMG_9735    IMG_9803 IMG_9805

The beach beckoned, even though it was rainy. There were tons of sand dollars this time and Wally even caught a live whelk, which he put back.

IMG_9806 IMG_9807 IMG_9808 IMG_9809 IMG_9810



We had one pretty day, so Wally took advantage of that playing at the Bloody Point Golf Course. I like photographing all the birds that hang out on the course.


We bought some fresh-caught shrimp from a local and it was sooo good!


The rain brought out a symphony of tree frogs – we even had to capture a few that snuck into the apartment when we left the door cracked.


The beach after the storm during the night. Time to head home – maybe we’ll get better weather next time!


Until next time!

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Savannah to Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, S.C.

In November we decided on a last-minute trip to Daufuskie Island, S.C. for a few days and headed south. We made it into Savannah right at sunset and got moved into the Westin on the river for the night. The Bloody Point Golf Club boat runs from the Westin to Bloody Point at certain times of the day and by appointment for visitors to the golf course.



IMG_5902The Westin sits across the river from River Street and there is a free ferry service that runs back and forth on a regular time schedule.

IMG_5942The lobby was decorated for the holidays and I loved the gingerbread exhibition.






IMG_5927We were hungry so hopped on the ferry and it quickly chugged us across to River Street. We walked around a bit and the smell of fresh candy drew me into the candy shop. Mmmm – fresh pralines…





IMG_5906Oysters were in season, so we ordered up a bucket of steamed oysters and chicken wings at Bernie’s Oyster House.

IMG_5903Then it was back to the Westin. Morning dawned bright and blue, but still chilly.

IMG_5932We were catching the Bloody Point boat at the dock, so went out to wait and see what came along on the river.

IMG_5935The free boat ferry that goes back and forth across the river.

IMG_5941Our ride to Bloody Point…

IMG_5943We’ve been to Daufuskie Island several times and love the laid-back atmosphere, scenic golf courses, friendly people and beautiful beaches. We got settled in at a spacious room at the Osprey Cottage and went for a walk on the beach. The Bloody Point accommodations package includes your ferry ride, the room, light breakfast, a golf cart,  discounted golf and use of their tennis courts and pool. There’s a common room in the cottage with a pool table, books and games and lounge space.



IMG_5947Lunch at Bloody Point Golf Club’s Eagle’s Nest – yum!


IMG_5952Daufuskie Island is a haven for year-round and migrating birds, so you never know what you might spot around the course and island.


IMG_5195The side view of the Bloody Point Clubhouse



IMG_5260Near sunset we decided to have cocktails on the Bloody Point dock to watch the sunset. It is a spectacular show that everyone should see. We scared up some other locals on our way.












IMG_5238A dolphin slipping past the dock



The next day we drove (our cart) over to the Melrose Beach Club and Golf Course.




IMG_5960  View to Hilton Head from MelroseIMG_5967These locals can be spotted at any pond on the island. Don’t get close.

IMG_5042I have a good telephoto lens

IMG_5043These guys were hanging out on one of the waterways on Melrose.

IMG_5148I scared them up but they didn’t go far







IMG_5162White heron on left, gray on right and they won’t look at each other…

IMG_5189Weird little “orb” at bottom center of photo…

IMG_5192Our next stop was at Iron Fish Art to see what new creations Chase Allen had designed. He was the 2014 Martha Stewart “American Made” audience choice winner and has been written up in numerous publications for his metalwork.
















We stopped by the community farm to see what they were up to and drove around a bit more before heading back to Bloody Point to rest a bit.

Then it was time for dockside cocktails and sunset again… It’s hard to say which evening was more spectacular. As we approached the dock the light coming through the trees was bathing the branches in orange. I snapped this shot – and a weird orb/ball/sun reflection is in the trees. This shot is through the woods were the cemetery is – maybe one of the internees is watching sunset too.

IMG_5047And I even stopped off and took a picture of one of the headstones that stood out to me for some reason.





IMG_5063I love the plant and tree silhouettes





IMG_5098Wow! What an amazing end of the day.

IMG_5110The next morning it was time for us to depart. Rain had started and bad weather was moving in, so time to load up and GO!

IMG_5994There’s something stalking us… and its very BIG



IMG_6006Nice boat docked in Savannah

IMG_6011Our stalker moving on upriver.

IMG_6012Homeward Bound ~ We’ll be back!


Here’s some previous visits to Daufuskie Island:

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The Outer Banks, Aerial Photography Tour ~ Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke

We picked up a flyer for aerial tours from Frisco, so decided stop off at the Billy Mitchell Airport just down the road from our vacation rental to inquire. Pilot Dwight Burrus was available the next morning for a tour, so we made plans to arrive early for our ride. You can learn more about air tours at:

The next morning dawned bright and clear and we were excited to get up in the air! We had decided to do the lighthouse to lighthouse tour, from Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to Ocracoke Island. Dwight let me take the captain’s seat so I could photograph out the open window.

Jamie and Wally, Hatteras airplane

Hatteras Burrus planeOur pilot, Dwight Burrus

Jamie and Burrus, thumbs upShots of the Billy Mitchell Airport

Billy Mitchell Airport & Hatteras view

Billy Mitchell airport aerial 1, water view

Billy Mitchell Airport hori view

Billy Mitchell Airport vert to water view

Frisco airport planesWe headed just a bit north to see the newly painted Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. They had just finished painting it the day before we arrived. I’ve included several shots from different angles. Learn more about it at:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse post card, best

Hatteras Lighthouse hori best 1

Hatteras Lighthouse, houses, wc

Hatteras lighthouse & keepers houses

Hatteras airspeed gauge

Hatteras Island length

Hatteras Marina island sectionI LOVED the meandering waterways that reflected the blue sky

Hatteras meandering waterway vert

Hatteras populated island viewAt one angle the water looked like quicksilver…

Hatteras quicksilver 2

Hatteras quicksilver ripples

Hatteras quicksilver view closer

Hatteras quicksilver wing & water

Hatteras straight view

Hatteras vert view, waterwayWally’s backseat companion was Roxy.

Hatteras Wally and Roxy

Hatteras Wally with headphoneThe water color change is the blue Gulf Stream meeting the green Labrador Current

Hatteras water change 1

Hatteras water change 2The Hatteras water tower

Hatteras water tower & community

Hatteras water tower horiFerry from Hatteras to Orcacoke

Hatteras Ferry and houses

Hatteras ferry cruisingHuge homes next to the ferry on the tip of Hatteras

Hatteras ferry dock, 2 giant houses

Hatteras ferry headed to Ocracoke

Hatteras fishing hole

Hatteras cockpit panel

Hatteras cockpit view

Hatteras condo view

Hatteras Dwight business cardThe marina where the Albatross Fleet docks. They had already left for morning fishing

Hatteras Albatross Marina areaOcracoke to Hatteras

Hatteras and Orcacoke ends

Hatteras blue view

Hatteras boats passing

Hatteras houses

Hatteras island from afar

Hatteras Island length

Hatteras meandering waterway vertThe next few shots are “Millionaire’s Row” on Hatteras

Hatteras Millionaires row middle

Hatteras Millionaires Row, ferry, mall

Hatteras plane compass

Hatteras populated island view

Hatteras Dwight flyingComing up to Ocracoke

Hatteras straight view

Hatteras vert view, waterway

Ocracoke creek vert

Ocracoke creeksOcracoke ferry landing

Ocracoke ferry in dock

Orcacoke ferry

Ocracoke historic house and backbayThe next shots are of Historic Portsmouth Village on Ocracoke

Ocracoke historic house to cemetery

Ocracoke historic house, water

Ocracoke historic village blue water

Orcacoke historic houses

Orcacoke historic church

Ocracoke house & meandering

Ocracoke neat waterwayOcracoke ponies

Ocracoke ponies

Ocracoke quicksilver dockThe road down Ocracoke

Ocracoke road

Ocracoke to Hatteras view

Ocracoke tree terraces, water

Ocracoke waterways, greenOcracoke airport

Orcacoke airstrip

Ocracoke airport clsup

Ocracoke airport vertI think this was the Coast Guard station

Orcacoke coast guard station wide

Orcacoke coast guard station

Orcacoke east view houses to lighthouse

Orcacoke endOcracoke harbor

Orcacoke far view


Orcacoke harbor & lighthouse

Orcacoke harbor & water

Orcacoke harbor east view

Orcacoke harbor wide view

Orcacoke harbor


Orcacoke historic farm & dock

Orcacoke historic farm & water

Orcacoke historic farm, blue view


Orcacoke houses clsup

Orcacoke island & waterwaysThe Ocracoke lighthouse

Orcacoke lighthouse & harbor

Orcacoke lighthouse to tower

Orcacoke sailboats clsup

Orcacoke to Hatteras view

Orcacoke vert view historic house

Orcacoke water squigglesLocated just off Ocracoke is the submerged and destroyed Fort Ocracoke, a Civil War-era fort. You can see the outline of the former buildings from the air with still water.

Fort Orcacoke area

Fort Orcacoke closeup

Fort Orcacoke outline 2

Fort Orcacoke outline view

Fort Orcacoke wide viewBack on Hatteras, the Frisco Beach

Hatteras Frisco beach houses

Hatteras broken dock aqua

Hatteras Frisco dock to left, houses

Hatteras Frisco dock, houses to left

Hatteras houses past Frisco dockBack at the airport after that fabulous tour, we snapped some shots. Here’s Dwight and Roxy and his son and fellow pilot.

Hatteras Burrus & Roxy

Hatteras Burrus & son with dogs

Hatteras Dwigh Burrus & plane

Hatteras, Burrus & other pilot

Pilots t-shirt backsJamie and Wally, Hatteras airplane

Wally and red planeWow! Best hour tour we ever spent and what a way to see the Outer Banks! This concludes our Outer Banks trip for this year but we will definitely return next year.


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The Outer Banks, Hatteras, NC

As we made our way up and down the road on Hatteras Island, this charming bright-colored art gallery drew me like a bee to honey. We stopped in, and Hatteras Art Indian Town Gallery has a great assortment of local art and hand-made items with a price range for all budgets. Learn more about their artists and artisans at: If you need a bit of pampering, you can get a massage next door!

Hatteras Art exterior

Hatteras Art sign

Hatteras Art heron

Hatteras Art interior During our week on The Outer Banks, we tried to explore all the local attractions and of course we had to check out the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on Hatteras Island. Learn more about it’s history on the National Park website:

There is a beach access at the park and it looks like there is pretty good surf judging by the number of surfers that were there when we visited.

Hatteras lighthouse beach shot


Hatteras lighthouse, Wally beachThese guys were playing with a “go pro” flying thing

Hatteras lighthouse go pro guysRiding the waves

Hatteras surfer on curl

Hatteras surferYou can walk around the lighthouse grounds for free, but if you want to climb the lighthouse, you have to pay. The day we arrived they had just finished the new coat of paint on the lighthouse.

Hatteras lighthouse Jamie


Hatteras lighthouse sign

Hatteras lighthouse thru trees

Hatteras lighthouse top hori

Hatteras lighthouseWe weren’t up for all those steps so sorry, no view from the top! The lighthouse keepers homes are a short walk away and house local history on the lighthouse and keepers.

Hatteras lighthouse keepers houses

Jamie and Wally Hatteras lighthouse selfieWe took an early morning aerial photography flight with Burrus Flying Services out of Billy Mitchell Airport in Frisco, and got some great shots of the newly painted lighthouse. (see upcoming blog for lots more from our aerial tour)


Hatteras Lighthouse hori best 1

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse post card, bestThat’s is for now! Stay tuned for our aerial photography tour. I just have to download and filter through the 800 photos I took during our hour flight first.


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The Outer Banks, Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, NC

We decided to drive up to Nags Head and Kitty Hawk to check out a few sights and have lunch one day. I had read about kite flying at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head, so we went there first. Their big kite festival was going on the weekend we left, so I was sad to miss that. The park is located right off the main highway that runs through Nags Head, with the entrance on the left side of the road just past Kitty Hawk Kites.

The park is known as having the tallest natural sand dune on the eastern coast of the United States and is a favorite place for kite lovers and for hang glider training. There were lots of families there flying kites and playing on the dunes, running and rolling down the hills. Be sure and pack drinks and snacks if you plan on being there a while. Jockey Ridge park sign

Jockey Ridge dune info sign

Jockey Ridge, people on hill

Jockey Ridge big sky view

Jockey Ridge Wally and kites

Jockey Ridge guys running downhill

Jockey Ridge guys running downhill 2Hang gliding lessons

Jockey Ridge hang glider lessons

Jockey Ridge kite flyers, sky

Jockey Ridge kite maneuversYou can leave your shoes at the steps  Jockey Ridge shoe drop  Jockey Ridge Wally and view

Jockey Ridge Wally downhill

Jockey Ridge Wally running downhill

Jockey Ridge girls and boy playing

Jockey Ridge, girls going down and up

Jockey Ridge, girls rollingI was inspired to get a kite to fly back on our Frisco beach, so our next stop was Kitty Hawk Kites and they have kites from hang gliders to wind socks and everything in between. They also carry t-shirts, gifts, souvenirs, etc. I picked out a parrot kite and named her Polly

Visit their website for lots more info, locations and their online store: Head Kittyhawk Kites bldg & sign

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites bldg ext

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites hang kite

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites indoor 1

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites kite section

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites kites & socks

Nags Head Kittyhawk Kites tees & planesIt was time for lunch, so we decided to get our raw oyster fix at Mulligan’s Raw Bar & Grille. It was a gorgeous day, so we sat out on their back upper deck that has a view of the water. The oysters were huge with a good flavor, and we also had a big salad and crab cake dinner, which I loved.

Nags Head, Mulligan's frontThey have a pet friendly patio area at the back door and plenty of parking in back.

Nags Head, Mulligans back view

Nags Head, Mulligan's inside dining

Nags Head, Mulligan's raw & steam board

Nags Head, Mulligan's upstairs bar

Nags Head, Mulligan's deck customers & server

Nagshead, Mulligan's menu

Nags Head, Mulligan's fireball corner

   Nags Head, Mulligan's oysters

Nags Head, Mulligan's plates  Nags Head, Mulligan's tiki bar

Nags Head, Mulligan's deck customersI loved their totem faces on the deck

Nags Head, Mulligan's tongue out totem

Nags Head, Mulligan's toothy totem

Nags Head, Mulligan's umbrellas  Nags Head, Mulligan's view from deck

Nags Head, Mulligan's Wally & platesAfter lunch, our last stop was the Wright Brothers National Memorial just a few miles north in Kitty Hawk. There is a museum with a gallery of paintings of people important in the history of aviation, as well as replicas of the Wright Brothers inventions.Wright Bros 1902 Hang glider

Wright Bros glider 1902 info

Wright Bros Museum, Wally

Wright Bros plane

Wright Bros Gift of Flight info   Wright Bros plane 2

Wright Bros plane pic

Wright Bros plane, painting, WallyAfter touring the museum, you can walk out to the sheds which replicate where they lived during their experiments and one was for their plane or glider.

Wright Bros museum and shack

Wright Bros shacksA guide stood at the rock that shows where their flight took place and she explained about their trials.

Wright Bros park rangerAn airport is just past the Memorial and I caught a plane in action.

Wright Bros monument, planeThe big memorial is a LONG walk from the museum or you can drive to the back corner below it and walk up from there.

Wright Bros plaque, obelisk

Wright Bros walk to monument

Wright Bros big monument

Wright Bros head statues

Wright Bros big monument, WallyThe view is quite nice from the memorial hill

Wright Bros view from obelisk If you have children, there is a little park with an airplane below the memorial.

I would recommend that if you have a few hours when you first arrive on the Outer Banks and are staying north or south, to go ahead and see these sites on your way in or way out to save a long drive during your stay.

That was enough tourist activities for us for one day, so it was back to Frisco and the beach!


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The Outer Banks, Avon, NC

After consuming a large amount of local seafood for several days, we were craving a burger, and online reviews led us to Burger Burger in Avon. Located in Kinnakeet Corner on the main drag through Avon, it was easy to find. We arrived and when we got inside, found it to be busy with patrons. We ordered a cheeseburgers, onion rings, fries and their acclaimed homemade lemonade and grabbed a table to await our food.

Avon, Burger Burger sign

Avon, Burger Burger exteriorThey offer burgers, sandwiches, salads and wings, so will surely have something for everyone in your group.

Avon, Burger Burger menuGet some lemonade – it was delicious!

Avon, Burger Burger lemonade sign

Avon, Burger Burger dining areaOur food arrived and our mouth’s were watering… the lemonade is GREAT!

It was delicious and we cleaned our plates.

Avon, Burger Burger food picWe bumped into Captain Bryan from the Albatross Fleet outside and he told us to be sure and visit his wife’s artisan gallery just up the street behind Burger Burger. This was a great after-lunch venture and I LOVE pottery.

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks sign

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks buildingOne of their best-selling items is a Mason jar pottery flower frog in an assortment of colors.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks mason jar frogThis awesome gallery is loaded with fabulous pottery from many local potters, as well as prints, jewelry, and more. What a great place to pick up a local keepsake or accent for your home!

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks aqua potterySwimming with cool stuff!

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish corner

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks blue sunflowers

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks clay necklaces

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab & cupsI loved these crab pottery pieces…

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab & shell dip bowl

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab dip bowl

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks crab vase, utensilsDrawer pulls are another popular purchase that is useful and pretty.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks drawer pullsThese seahorse pulls had just been created in the workroom and await their glaze.

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks seahorse drawer pulls

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plaques, stained glass

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plaques

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks fish plate & vases

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks flower plaques

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pink pottery

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery mugs, misc

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery shelves

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks pottery vases

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks rooster art


Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks silver earrings

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks spoon rests table

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks spoon rests

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks sunflower & horse pic

Avon, Kinakeet Clayworks sunflower & tulips

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks cat paintings  Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks fish & octopus

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks nightlightsAs you can see, they have something for everyone and even classes!

Avon, Kinnakeet Clayworks classes signAfter leaving Kinnakeet Clay, our next stop was Risky Business Seafood back on the main drag for some more seafood for dinner. They also have a location at Oden’s Dock on Hatteras. Here’s their website for more info:

Avon, Risky Business Seafood Market sign  Avon, Risky Business Seafood building

Avon, Risky Business Seafood Market boat  Avon, Risky Business Seafood customers   Avon, Risky Business Seafood Wally & counterBesides seafood, sauces, etc., they also have some gift items

Avon, Risky Business Seafood crab glassesNow back to Carolina Treasure on Frisco for beach time…


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The Outer Banks, Buxton, NC

So after getting settled in at our Carolina Treasure vacation rental in Frisco, it was time to find the local grocery. We drove back up to Buxton and headed into Connor’s Supermarket to load up on supplies for the week. This is a great grocery with friendly staff and a really good variety with essentials to gourmet offerings. They also have a few aisles of beach accessories, sunscreen, dramamine and most anything you might need.

Buxton, Connors Grocery entrance

Buxton, Connors supermarket big view

Buxton, Connors deli

Buxton, Connors smile signI loved their old vehicle that was parked across the street one day.   Buxton, Connors truck & JamieNext stop was the local seafood market on the way back to Frisco. Buxton Seafood is located right under the water tower, so you can’t miss it. We got some fresh fish and shrimp for a few meals. Buxton seafood and towerWally was in the mood for sushi  one night, so we went to Diamond Shoals Restaurant for dinner. The fried calamari strips with marinara were tasty and the hush puppies moist and yummy.

Buxton, Diamond Shoals calamari strips

Buxton, Diamond Shoals hush puppiesWe had a sushi roll and tuna tower and they were good too. Buxton, Diamond Shoals sushi rolls

Buxton, Diamond Shoals tuna towerSome of the other sights in Buxton to visit and shop at include The Elegant Attic…

Buxton, The Elegant Attic

Buxton, Elegant Attic view

Buxton, Elegant Attic yardand The Old Gray House – which sadly were both closed on Saturday afternoon. I will definitely check them out next time we go!

Buxton, The Old Gray House front view

Buxton, The Old Gray House sign & tree

Buxton, The Old Gray House vert

Buxton, The Old Gray House side

Buxton, The Old Gray House boat    Buxton, The Old Gray House swing shed Book lovers will want to stop in Buxton Village Books… Buxton, Village BooksAnother day we had lunch at Pop’s Family Seafood Restaurant, a long-time local favorite.

Pops Raw Bar ext angleNothing fancy here, just laid back and local…we were there at opening time.

Pops Raw Bar bar & tables

Pops Raw Bar barRaw oysters to start with…

Pops Raw Bar oystersFollowed by a crab cake plate and fried shrimp with homemade slaw and hush puppies. Fried heaven! Yummy!

Pops Raw Bar, crab cake plate

Pops Raw Bar, fried shrimp plate

Pops Raw Bar bldg painting  Pops Raw Bar exteriorBack to the beach… Stay tuned for more Outer Banks


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A week at Carolina Treasure, Outer Banks – Frisco, N.C.

Frisco, Carolina Treasure life ring

We had a free week and on the spur of the moment decided to head to a new destination for us, the North Carolina Outer Banks. We had no idea what to expect and nowhere to stay, so I was searching vrbos along the way to find us place to stay. We wanted to be on the southern part of the Outer Banks near Hatteras as we did want to go fishing, so settled on Frisco. When we stopped off for lunch at Black Mountain outside of Asheville we stumbled across a nice vacation rental that had just posted a special for the week. We called and the owner nicely directed us to his property management company, Midgett Realty Company. We secured “Carolina Treasure” for the week and couldn’t wait to arrive.

We stopped off overnight to break up the 13-hour drive and arrived on Hatteras about lunch time to see if our rental was ready yet. Midgett Realty is a beehive of activity and looks like they manage many of the properties in that area, so if you’re looking for a vacation rental, check out their website for the easiest rental search. They needed a few more hours so we drove on down to the bottom of Hatteras where the ferry goes to Okracoke to check it all out. We were starved and the Billfish Bar and Grill at a marina was handy, so went in for lunch.

Hatteras, Billfish exterior view

Hatteras, Billfish marina boats

Hatteras, Billfish bar and fish

Hatteras, Billfish dining room viewView from our table by the window

Hatteras, Billfish view from window

Hatteras, Billfish menuFresh fish… ahhh!

Hatteras, Billfish food platesAn order up at the kitchen looked pretty tasty too.

Hatteras, Billfish order up We checked back at Midgett Realty after lunch to get our keys and moved into Carolina Treasure on Runboat Lane.

Frisco, Runboat road signPretty big for just the two of us, but with the discounted rate, it was in our budget. Several families could enjoy this multilevel house that is on the second row back from the beach.

Frisco, Carolina Treasure house ocean side

Frisco, Carolina Treasure house sign

Carolina Treasure side of houseHere is a good view from our aerial tour later in the week

Carolina Treasure aerial view 2, named

Carolina Treasure aerial shot 1Even a hammock to read or nap and there is a deck on both levels.

Frisco, Carolina Treasure morning hammockHere’s a few interior pictures but you can find many more on their vrbo page at the link above.

Frisco, Carolina Treasure living room

Frisco, Carolina Treasure kitchen

Frisco, Carolina Treasure house frontView from the deck at cocktail hour

Frisco, Carolina Treasure deck viewView of first row houses from Carolina Treasure’s deck

Frisco, Carolina Treasure view to water, housesFirst trip to the beach to check it out when we arrived. What pretty water color!

Frisco, Wally on beach, blue shirtKites are big on the Outer Banks and you can pick them up at any of the Kitty Hawk Kite store locations. I got a parrot later in the week. Families spend the day on this lovely beach, swimming, surfing, flying kites, playing games and relaxing. It was never crowded and we really enjoyed it.

Frisco, beach, kite

Frisco, beach walkers, pink & blueAn umbrella or tent is essential for extended stays on the beach. This one was in the house but would recommend bringing your own if you need more shade than just for one or two people.

Frisco, beach umbrella view

Frisco, Wally beach umbrella

Frisco, beach shot, dog walkingTons of shells!

Frisco, beach shell pile

Frisco, beach and house viewMorning visitors through the neighborhood – two bucks in velvet. Photos taken from our deck at Carolina Treasure.

Frisco deer on ocean

Frisco buck & surf

Frisco bird pints in sunny sand

Frisco, bird hunting, surf

Frisco, bird pair feeding

Frisco, bird pair flying, surf

Frisco, children on beach

Frisco, crab closeup

Frisco, crab facing

Frisco, Dog and crab standoff

Frisco, Dog barking at crab

Frisco, Dog looking at me, crab

Frisco, dog footprints  Frisco, fisherman and pointer dog

Frisco, fisherman and two poles

Frisco, fishing boat on water

Frisco, fishing poles and birds

Frisco, fishing poles and sandcastle

Frisco, Wally arms out on beachPolly my parrot kite

Frisco, flying Polly

Frisco, footprints and shellsAround the neighborhood…

Frisco, front tier houses

Frisco, buck in velvet solo

Frisco, buck talking

Frisco, buck with head turned

Frisco, Bucks in velvet sunrise

Frisco lobster flagI love everyone’s creative house names and signs

Frisco, Edie's Fish House sign

Frisco, Hooked on Frisco sign

Frisco, Nauti Sailor sign

Frisco, On Island Time sign

Frisco, Suaimhneas sign

Frisco, Wasabi sign

Frisco Hatteras Heartbeat sign

Frisco, hazy beach morning walkers

Frisco, Indian Blanket flower

Frisco, Jamie's feet and beerAn osprey with lunch

Frisco, Osprey with catch

Frisco, path over dune to water

Frisco, Pirate Booty towels porch

Frisco, pirate flag housetop

Frisco, plover and sandpiper

Frisco, pretty water view

Frisco, sand castle

Frisco, Sandpiper reflection 2

Frisco, sandpiper reflection

Frisco, sandpiper shadow

Frisco, shell and sand Frisco, Shells everywhere

Frisco, shells on sand

Frisco, vert beach shot

Frisco, Wally peeking over duneThat’s all for now…

Stay tuned for more of our Outer Banks excursions…




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Offshore Fishing with The Albatross Fleet, Hatteras, NC

We had a free week and a hankering for sun and sand, so on a wild hair, decided to drive to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. This was our first time to this part of the coast, and we had read it was known for great beaches, fishing and seafood. We ran across an ad in the local destination guide for fishing with The Albatross Fleet in Hatteras and looked up their website,

Their vintage boat fleet appealed to my love for antiques and vintage, and I figured since they had been a family business since 1937, they should know a bit about fishing. I called and asked to be put on their makeup charter list and we got lucky to go out two days later with four other fishing enthusiasts from NC, Ohio, and Virginia. It was a perfect day to be on the water with temps in the 80s and sunny.

We met at their docks at 5:45 and everyone piled on and quickly got introduced. Our captain of the Albatross III was Captain Ernie Foster, owner of the fleet, and his mate was Sumner. I downed my Dramamine before we left, and happily didn’t have to deal with seasickness this trip.

Albatross Fleet, loading the boatSunrise as we left Hatteras was glorious…

Albatross Fleet, sunrise on boat

Albatross Fleet, Albatross heading out

Albatross Fleet, sunrise on Hatteras

Albatross Fleet, sunrise on wave at cut

Albatross Fleet, sunrise on waves 2

Albatross Fleet, fighting chair, sunriseHere’s Harvey from North Carolina…

Albatross Fleet, Harvey at daybreakIlia and Paul from Virginia

Albatross Fleet, Ilia & Paul sunrise The vehicle ferry to Ocracoke Island

Albatross Fleet, Ocracoke ferry sunriseThe essentials – beer!

Albatross Fleet, Ocracoke Ferry beer run

Albatross Fleet, sunrise glow on water

Albatross Fleet, vert sunrise wake & poleAnd Wally with sunrise making him glow…

Albatross Fleet, Wally in morning

Albatross Fleet, reel & line sunrise

Albatross Fleet, Jamie selfie

It took an hour or so to get out to the fishing grounds. Our mate, Sumner, gave us some instructions and told us to figure out which order we would rotate in. The catch at the end of the day is divided between all 6 fishing, so there is no arguing over who gets what.

Albatross Fleet, Capt Ernie FosterCaptain Ernie Foster says it’s fish time…

Albatross Fleet, pole arsenal

Albatross Fleet, rod & outrigger upOutriggers out and poles baited and ready…

Albatross Fleet, outrigger outHarvey went first and the first catch of the day was not a good eating type, but good for bait.

Albatross Fleet, Harvey first fishWe were amazed at Sumner’s talent at the catch and flip of the fish into the locker. He didn’t lose one all day. Albatross Fleet, Harvey's albacoreI was up next…

Albatross Fleet, Jamie in chair…and I caught a tasty beautiful mahi mahi/dolphin fishAlbatross Fleet, mahi by boatWe had a lull for a while and then… we hit a dolphin school on a feeding frenzy! Captain Foster was spotting from the bridge and all the men had poles in the water with fish on in them in minutes. Sumner was racing around the deck trying to bring in the fish, rebait and keep everybody straight.

I was up on the bridge talking to the captain at the time and missed out on the reeling, but had fun photographing and watching the frenzy from above.

Albatross Fleet, Harvey & Ilia splash

Albatross Fleet, Harvey, Ilia, Sumner mahi

Albatross Fleet, Harvey, Sumner mahi

Albatross Fleet, Capt Foster mahi

Albatross Fleet, Paul and mahi

Albatross Fleet, Wally waiting, mahi

Albatross Fleet, Wally, Mike pulling mahi They caught about 10 or more in just 10 to 15 minutes. WOW!! That got us excited!

We had another lull and then Captain Foster pointed us towards a fishing spot reported to have blackfin tuna. We arrived and it wasn’t long before the rods started bouncing, lines zinging and adrenaline jumping. The blackfins were hitting three, four and five at a time – woo hoo!

Albatross Fleet, Ilia Sumner tuna flipThis is Mike from Ohio

Albatross Fleet, Mike reeling  Albatross Fleet, Paul and Mike reeling

Albatross Fleet, Paul reeling