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Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

valley of fire petro, vert rock

We planned an entire day for our visit from Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire State Park and it was so worth it! A few recommendations to note: go with a full tank of gas, LOTS of water, snacks and a picnic lunch. There is NOTHING out there! Wear appropriate hiking gear and layers, depending on the time of year.

This is an amazing park that everyone should experience. You feel like you have gone back in time and it is the most remarkable “quiet” that I have ever experienced in nature. The petroglyphs on the rocks put you in touch with our fellow humans from many centuries ago. It’s horrible that some people have felt the need to defile these treasures by tagging them with grafitti.

The Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s oldest state park and is 42,000  acres. Learn more at their website at:

The rocks and formations in the Valley of Fire are amazing as they look like figures and the craggy cliffs have faces..

Here’s the Anteater…

valley of fire anteater, rainbow vista

A wind-eroded arch

valley of fire arch hori

valley of fire arch, vert

valley of fire atal petroglyph

The Beehivevalley of fire beehive hori  valley of fire beehive rocks

valley of fire beehive vert rock

  At one of the picnic areas we saw this little girl sharing her lunch with chipmunks that would dart in and out of the bushes for their prize.

valley of fire chip and girl

valley of fire chip with food

Note the face towards the bottom of the rock – looks like he is pursing his lips.

Valley of fire face

valley of Fire head rock

valley of fire far off view

Valley of Fire hori rainbow

The wall behind me is covered in petroglyphs. This is in Mouse’s Tank Canyon

valley of fire jamie petro wall, mouses tank

We saw and heard motorcycles going over towards Rainbow Vista and stopped to watch a while. They were videoing an extreme motorcycle movie.

valley of fire motorcycle riders

valley of fire jasonbrittan van

valley of fire lichen face

Valley of Fire lizard trail  valley of fire mouses tank petro small

valley of fire mouses tank petro, sheep

valley of fire mouses tank vert petr wall

valley of fire mouses tank, jamie vert petro wall

valley of fire natural arch sign

Valley of Fire petro group w:cross

Valley of fire petro stairs

valley of fire petro, foot & sheep

valley of fire petro, mouse's tank walls

valley of fire petro, mouses tank, family

valley of fire petroglyph deer

valley of fire plant growth

valley of fire pt cruiser & wally

Valley of Fire Rainbow Vista hori

valley of fire rainbow vista sign

valley of fire, jamie & Wally, rainbow vista

valley of fire rock and brush

valley of fire rock closeup

valley of fire rock leaning

valley of fire rock lichen

valley of fire rock walls

valley of fire rocks, hori

valley of fire vert rock

valley of fire vertical rock face

 Had to get my picture in front of the beehive since I’m the “busy bee”

Valley of fire, jamie & beehive rock

valley of fire, jamie on beehives rocks

valley of fire, mouses tank petro wall

valley of fire, mouses tanks petro, squiggles

valley of fire, rock shear

valley of fire, wally pointing at petro

valley of fire wally w:petroglyphs

valley of fire jamie

That’s all for now!

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Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red rock jamie, wally on road

Two of our favorite excursions we have done when we were in Las Vegas was to get out of the city to visit some of the area’s extraordinary parks. Red Rock Canyon is about 15 minutes from Vegas and you can drive, hike and rock climb in the canyon.  They have a great visitor’s center where you can learn all about the park and area. Learn more at:

We just did the driving tour, but would highly recommend a hike for those that like to experience nature. Just be sure and have appropriate hiking gear, plenty of water and snacks.

red rock, wally on turtlehead trail

red rock, wally on block, turtlehead   Red Rock, turtlehead:red rocks  red rock, turtlehead sign

Red rock, turtlehead from distance

Red Rock, rock climbers

red rock, red rocks hori w:sky

red rock, pinon, turtlehead red rock, pinon tree

red rock, mtn strata

red rock, king of mtn, turtlehead   red rock, jamie standing on rock vert

Red Rock, jamie sitting   red rock, hori, turtle, red

red rock, hori, red & white

red rock, hori turtlehead, cacti

red rock vert rocks

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Las Vegas

We usually stop in Vegas for a few nights when traveling out west and for the last several years have gone the first week of December when the NFR Rodeo Finals are going on. They usually have lots of great shows going on and the town is full of cowboys and cowgirls.

Here’s some Vegas strip snapshots…

LV, Eiffel tower at sunset

View from our room at the Bellagio – be sure and ask for a fountain view!

LV, View from our Bellagio room


Lv-jamie in front of statue of lib

lv, arc d'triumph

LV, eiffel tower

lv, french fountain

LV-Bills, Ballys

LV-Circus circus

LV-eiffel tower

LV-MGM entrance lion

LV-MGM entrance

LV-NYNY silhouette

LV-statue of lib, NY LV-Wally, NY NY

LV margaritaville neon


LV margaritaville chairs

Our favorite place to stay is The Signature at MGM, which are the three towers located behind the MGM. It’s a bit inconvenient to walk a couple of blocks to the strip but for the price, their suites can’t be beat and you get a balcony too! You can request a strip view suite or a mountain/airport view where it’s fun to watch the planes coming and going. Like them on Facebook (and all your favorite hotels) for special offers and you’ll be amazed at the savings. This past trip we got great rates plus $75 towards food at any of their restaurants.

LV-Wally on balcony

lv-signature lobby

LV-Wally at sunset on balcony

LV sunset from room

LV-mgm living room

LV-bathroom MGM

Lv-bedroom MGM

Wally loves to eat at Todai Japanese and Sushi Restaurant located just up the block in the Miracle Mile Shopping Mall behind Planet Hollywood Casino and Hotel. For those of you that love to shop, this is a cool mall that even has a recurring rain storm.

lv-miracle mile hori shops

lv-miracle mile mall hori

lv-miracle mile shops, wally

Lv-miracle mile, oyster bar

In 2011 we went to see Dwight Yoakam at the Las Vegas Hilton.. LOVE Dwight!

Dwight Yoakam pic

Here’s some photos from our stay at the Bellagio – the Chihuly blown glass flowers in the lobby are AMAZING!

Lv, bellagio chilluly ceiling

The chocolate shop display at the Bellagio

Lv, bellagio chocolate shop

It was fall when we went so the conservatory was decked out in fall motif.

Lv, Bellagio cons, jamie

LV, bellagio conservatory vert

LV, Bellagio covered bridge

Lv, bellagio front

LV, bellagio lobby

Lv, bellagio orchids vert

Lv, bellagio orchids, hori

This guy was so cool!

LV, bellagio pumpkin tree

LV, bellagio wally with fount

Lv, bellagio water fountain

Bill’s Gambling Hall has the cheapest beer specials on the strip!

LV, wally at Bill's Saloon sports book

LV, rolling babe ads

Lv, elvis

If you’re looking to go to Vegas, check out this website to help you plan your trip:

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