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Chichen Itza, lunch at Valladolid, & Arrival at Nah Uxibal ~ Mexico, December 2017

We couldn’t let Monica visit the Yucatan and not see at least one of the amazing Mayan sites. Chichen Itza is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage site, and was along our route to Tulum. The architecture is boggling, and if you are interested in the history, be sure and hire a guide – and if it’s hot, use an umbrella for shade! Photos by Jamie and Monica…

The last time Wally and I had been to Chichen Itza was on our honeymoon in 2000, and we got to climb the pyramid then!

Lunch was our next stop, and I had chosen Hotel El Meson del Marques on the Valladolid Square. We had stayed there in the past, and it’s a charming hotel with the restaurant in the interior courtyard. It was a Colonial mansion dating from the early 17th century, and has been operating as a hotel and restaurant for 40 years.


On the back side of the hotel is a lovely pool and bar area to relax.

Time for food and drink..and yet another amazing meal in the Yucatan! There are many cattle and pork ranches in the area, and their meats are a specialty. The marinated pork melts in your mouth, and is so juicy and flavorful.

I love all the bird cages on the wall and the big metal star… IMG_0433

We walked around the square, and Monica did a bit of quick shopping.

Now onward to Tulum…this is a typical home for the locals…IMG_0405We arrived in Tulum and stopped off at Chedraui to pick up some groceries. It’s always fun to explore groceries in other countries!

We arrived a Nah Uxibal “House of Good Energy”, our favorite beach destination, just before sunset. Soliman Bay is about 15 minutes north of Tulum, and about 15 minutes south of Akumal (an hour and half south of Cancun). This is Monica’s first visit, and she snapped lots of pictures… Visit their fabulous new website to learn all about it.

Drop bags and out to the beach!


We reunite with owners and friends Skip and Jeannette and beach dog Sukie, hav a drink, and it was dark before we knew it. We’re all hungry, and after driving all day, decide on dining at Oscar y Lalo’s just across the highway for dinner. Owner Victoria was there, and she brought out some of their special tequilas to try. Their margaritas are large, tasty and powerful, and I love their chaya margarita. Healthy and not too sweet – just right for me! We ordered a variety of their delicious specialty dishes, and enjoyed a great meal with friends! Check out their great website!

Can’t wait for sunrise in the morning and our first beach day!

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Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay ~ Tulum, Mexico


The morning at Nah Uxibal and the vacation rentals along Soliman Bay begins with the caretakers raking their stretch of the beach. “Hola Javier”, “Buenos Dias” is our morning greeting. Mimi watches, then trots across the freshly raked sand to her favorite chaise lounge to survey her territory.

So what do we want to do today?? How about lie about and enjoy this tropical paradise a while? (Mimi has the right idea.) IMG_8675The neighbors to the right of Nah Uxibal, Casa Canciones and Casa del CorazonIMG_5142Around Nah UxibalIMG_8637IMG_8661IMG_8664Nile liliesIMG_8680My happy place…IMG_5187The “big house” of Nah UxibalIMG_8673IMG_5363IMG_5211IMG_5212IMG_8691For those feeling like a bit of exercise… you can kayak, swim, snorkel or walk in either direction to the points of the bay (wear sturdy shoes, put on sun screen and take water!).fullsizeoutput_3f96DSCF2783IMG_0644Tidal pools on the point to the north of the bay.

IMG_0644Sometimes the black birds rule the top of Uxibal, sometimes the buzzards… They’re airing out their wings! IMG_8698IMG_8700Mimi loves chasing kites and the kiteboarders, and will swim all over the bay after them! And if she catches them down she will SHRED THEM!

You never know what you might see from your hammock… IMG_5247


How about a bottle of mid-day prosecco? Salut!  IMG_5259IMG_5260Hmm. Getting hungry and need a few supplies from Tulum. Off to Mezzanine for our favorite afternoon 2 x 1 margaritas and best Thai on the beach (anywhere I’ve been so far). Divine food and drinks, amazing view, attentive service, and you can take your beach gear and go crash on the beach afterwards – what more could you ask from a beach front restaurant?

Back to the bay… low tide… you never know what you’ll see skimming along beneath the surface of the water. Below is a trunk fish, spotted eagle ray and stingray. Sometimes you can see the eagle rays leaping out of the bay – it’s absolutely astounding! And if you watch closely you can see the turtles poking their noses up for air!

Do a bit of kayaking or have a “Massage by Lucia”, with our Italian masseuse Lucia right on the beach. It’s best to email her for an appointment at: luciasi90@hotmail.comIMG_0654

Those ghost crabs keep skittering around teasing Sookie.


My project for this trip is to make some driftwood and beach find mobiles. I brought string with me, and Javier let me borrow his drill. We walked around the point and collected driftwood, sea fans and seed pods that had drifted in from the Caribbean.


The day is drawing to a close…


For dinner, we chose Cetli, located a few blocks off the main Tulum Pueblo strip. It’s located in a cozy home type setting and has been there for years. It’s cash only and closed Wednesdays. This was our first time dining here, and the food was beautifully presented and delicious, and I loved our cocktails. The menus are hand made and so unique, and the restaurant is decorated with handmade Mexican artwork and local accents. Be sure and try the fried grasshoppers!

Back to the bay and the full moon is rising… we love to lie on the beach and watch the stars at night.

Another day begins and is pretty much a repeat of the day before… Why not? IMG_0639

fullsizeoutput_301eToday we went to have massages at Maya Tulum Spa down on Tulum Beach Road. I really like the hot stone massages and you can choose some of their Mayan treatments. You go into the reception lobby and choose your masseuse and treatment and make your reservation.

You never know what you’ll see on the Tulum Beach Road!

After our massages, we were starving and craving a burger and fish tacos, so decided to try Mateo’s, whose slogan is “Best Fish Tacos on Earth”. What have we been thinking not eating here before??? They’re on the new favorite list for great food and drinks, and you can watch sports here too! Their sunset deck is the happening place for cocktails in the evening.

This talented artist was set up in the restaurant and painting magnets, cards and pictures, and selling them at very reasonable prices. I picked out a magnet with a beach sunset. He was very funny and nice, joking and laughing as I tried to pick my souvenir!

fullsizeoutput_418cSadly, it’s our last day on the Bay, so we soak up the afternoon’s sun on the beach. fullsizeoutput_3067We say Hasta Luego to our friends, dogs and the bay, and head off to the Cancun airport for an early dinner at Guy Fieri’s in the airport before our flight. As you can tell by the portions, they don’t aim for you to leave hungry!! Beautiful presentation and delicious food. If you’re counting calories, avoid the burger and fries! They have an outdoor patio you can smoke on or just be outside, but you have to pay for the privilege (deducted with food purchase).

If you feel the need to get your feet nibbled on and cleaned by fish, you can do that too while waiting for your flight. Check out this trend in Mexico – I tried it, and it seems to work but tickles!

Winging north to NashvilleIMG_5944IMG_5945We’ll be back soon!

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Soliman Bay, Mexico, Sept 2016

In late September, airfare to Cancun was cheap and our favorite beach destination Nah Uxibal had an opening, so we took off. Late September and October are so nice there as long as there’s no hurricane coming.

They can accommodate couples to groups of around 20. You can check out Nah Uxibal’s beautiful new website at:

We arrived at our home away from home to this view – ahhh!!IMG_8661

We were craving grouper tacos from our favorite beach restaurant Ziggy’s Beach Club on Tulum Beach, so headed south. You dine under the palms by the water, and they serve up delicious food, potent drinks and great service. You can bring your beach gear and hang out too!

I loved this picture of the woman watching her companion swim.

fullsizeoutput_2fa6And our beach shot

fullsizeoutput_2fa7Back to Nah Uxibal and Soliman Bay to relax on our favorite beach!



Since we had a big lunch we snacked and then decided on ice cream for dinner! Love the gelato and fresh made waffle cones at Panna e Cioccolato in Tulum! Mexico to come!


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Mexico April 2016 ~ Around Nah Uxibal & Soliman Bay

We spent part of a week at Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay in April catching up with our friends and enjoying some sun, sand, water, good eats and company.

Dawn of a new day on Soliman Bay at Nah Uxibal…



Our resident woodpeckers have been in the tree for years now.

The big house top at Nah Uxibal

IMG_4636Javier doing his morning beach raking…Wally wants his job!

Mimi! Our beloved beach dog…and snapshots on my morning walk.



I love watching for birds and critters along the bay…

Hmmm, how to wile away the time… swim, snorkel, kayak, read, nap, eat, repeat…



IMG_3500IMG_3501IMG_3502IMG_3505IMG_3508Casa Corazon’s Chilly and Willy stopped by to hang out for a bit…

Then we followed them home to Casa Corazon for a beach barbecue with Tom and his visiting friends.

That’s all for now!

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Mexico, April 2016 ~ Soliman Bay

We found very reasonable non-stop airfare on Delta from Nashville to Cancun – only 2 hours 40 minute flight – and decided to hop down to our favorite beach destination, Soliman Bay and Tulum for a week. Our flight arrived mid-morning so by the time we headed south down the highway toward Tulum we were starved. We stopped off for a snack at one of the gas station areas and discovered there was a new little restaurant next door, Eat Acate at Market Playa. It looked clean and inviting, so we ordered up some burritos and a fruit smoothie for lunch. And it was very good! They have a pretty big selection, and you tell them what you want and then grab a spot at the family-style picnic table. I loved their chalkboard art and menus, recycled tin decor and cool artsy details.

With our bellies full, we were ready to reach our destination, Nah Uxibal vacation rental on Soliman Bay. It didn’t take us a minute to drop our bags and head to our favorite spots on the beach. Within five minutes our favorite beach dog Mimi had joined us!

We met our neighbors, enjoyed cocktails, and called it a day…

IMG_4617Ahhh.. home sweet hammock!

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Snorkeling Soliman Bay ~ Tulum, Mexico

Soliman Bay is unique to most of the Yucatan coast as it is protected by the reef that runs right along the mouth of the bay. This protects the bay from big waves and creates the perfect setting for snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. The guests at Nah Uxibal,,  and along the bay return year after year to enjoy this tropical paradise.

You see a big variety all around the bay, but especially around the coral heads where the fish hide and live. If you kayak out to the reef and tie up to the buoys, you will see a even more fish along the reef. Be careful about rip currents and be aware of the tides. Always wear a life jacket to be safe! We wear long-sleeved shirts to protect us from sunburn and keep our bodies warm when snorkeling. If you kayak out to snorkel, take a mesh bag or string to tie your paddles and gear on. Many a paddle has floated into shore, and countless flippers and masks are lost when getting on and off the kayaks.

Here’s a peek under Soliman Bay!

red kayak tip over coral

blue flippers on kayak

Angel school 1

Angel School 2

Angel solo side view

Angel solo

big brain coral

black and white striped butterfly fish

blue spotted neon fish

blue surgeon fish

bumpy coral on rock

healthy coral

little fishes

purple stag coral

ruffled coral

spiny urchin long spines

spiny urchin, fish, coral

Spiny urchins hori

spotted smaller trunk fish

Spotted trunk fish

staghorn coral big

staghorn coral

staghorns and fish

yellow butterfly fish

yellow striped fish and anenome

orange mimosa blooms

papaya tree

red berried bush

Soliman Bay chaise lounge lineupSoliman palapa and hammock

Soliman bay middle from water


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Arriving: Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ July 2014

We made our annual pilgrimage to our favorite beach destination, Soliman Bay, Mexico for another two weeks of fun in the sand and sun. It always feels like home at our vacation rental, Nah Uxibal, and caretakers Javier and Victoria greets us with smiles and hugs.

Soliman bay middle from water

Palm shadow on sand, aqua water

For the last several years we’ve been renting from Blueway Car Rentals, which is an offsite car rental agency. Their people speak English, have been nice and no one has hassled us yet. They pick you up just outside the airport exit doors and take you to the business.

Blueway car rental

Blueway covered area

Blueway van

Then we drive about and hour and half south to Soliman Bay, stopping off at the Chedraui grocery in Puerto Aventura to grab some drinks and supplies. I love their bakeries! This is the new big Chedraui bakery on the Tulum Road.

Chedraui bakery 1

Chedraui bakery 2

Chedraui bakery 3

Chedraui bakery 4We were greeted by Mimi, the beloved Soliman Bay beach dog… It was as though she knew we were coming.  She usually doesn’t leave our side for long while we’re there. She knows who the cooks are!

Mimi under palm, aqua water

Mimi on chaise, book, snorkel

Mimi shaking water 3

The ceviche and fish tacos from Urge Taquito in Tulum are one of our favorite things for lunch, washed down with an ice cold beer.

Mixta ceviche closeupWe love their sauce and toppings selection.

Urge Taquito sauces

Urge Taquito taco

Mixta ceviche to go with IndioThen a nap in the hammock…

hammock's edge, aqua water And that’s usually enough for the first day!

More tomorrow…


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Nah Uxibal, Soliman Bay, Mexico ~ February 2014

Two Weeks in Paradise…

Tropical view of heaven, Soliman Bay

Nah Uxibal front blue sky day

Nah Uxibal on Soliman Bay, Mexico is our favorite tropical destination, and we always try to escape the cold winter blahs in Tennessee during January or February. This winter was especially brutal. Wally had recovered enough from his knee replacement surgery in November to finish off his recuperation on Soliman Bay. We got online at when his doctor gave him his marching orders to see if there were any openings and got lucky.  Studio Ha was open the first week, and Nah Ka’an was open the second. Woo hoo! Ready for my hammock and warm breezes.

Uxibal red hammock, palm, big hori

Our time slot was the first two weeks of February, so we got to watch the Super Bowl in Mexico and a full-moon Valentine’s Day on the beach.

Uxibal sunset view sunspot

The grocery is always our first priority on arrival. The new Chedraui on the Tulum Beach Road is our favorite. However, do NOT, EVER, go on a Sunday after lunch time. That is when the locals do their shopping and the lines can be 10-15 people deep.

Chedraui produce

Once back at “home” we soak all our veggies, fruits and leafy things in the iodine soak and put them in the drainer to dry. This kills the bad stuff and hopefully keeps us from getting sick. I love all the bright veggie colors!

Nah Uxibal rinsed veggies

Now time to hang out at the beach… Ahhhh

Nah Uxibal palapa fringe, shadow

We always meet new friends at Nah Uxibal, and this time there were quite a few from British Columbia and the Northeast, also escaping the horrible winter, as well as California (not so cold).

Uxibal Debbie, Patty & CliffOf course, Mimi the beach dog always sniffs out the dog lovers and hangs out for pets and treats.

Nah Uxibal Andrea & MimiSo how to spend the time in paradise…

Soliman Bay floaters

Nah Uxibal beach paddleball, Mimi

Soliman Bay beach float lounger

We tore ourselves away from the beach at dusk to head up the road to Oscar & Lalo’s bar to watch the Super Bowl.

Oscar & Lalo sign, full lot

Oscar & Lalo bridge & entrance

Oscar & Lalos maya head temple

Oscar & Lalo iguana & WallyOur group from the bay had the bar to ourselves with two televisions, so had a great time. Appetizers and cold cervezas kept on coming. The game was a big disappointment for us, but we had fun.

Oscar & Lalos Super Bowl amigos

Back on Soliman Bay…  we couldn’t have picked a better two weeks! The weather was perfect…

Nah Uxibal Palm and Kayaks

Uxibal, Wally reading, Soliman

Caretaker Victoria and family…

Uxibal Victoria and babies 2014

Mimi ear up on chaise

Uxibal sunset palapa top, birdWe love the new house, Nah Lu’um Ka’an and stayed upstairs our second week

Nah Luum palm, kayaks, chaises, blue sky

Nah Lu'um Ka'an, Wally on chaise

Nah Lu'um Ka'an front yard & house, blue sky

Hammock heaven…

Nah Lu'um Ka'an double hammock heaven

Uxibal red hammock, feet & palm vert

Uxibal palm and kayaks

Wally kayaking in

Uxibal palapa, blue sky


Wally in hammock, Uxibal

Uxibal palapa top, sunset burning, palms

Uxibal palapa top sunset silhouette

Uxibal palapa top cloudy sunset

Uxibal palapa top bird centered sunset

Uxibal kayakers Mimi on chaise

Uxibal chaise, palm, water vert

Uxibal beach view to south, blue skiesA visit to Tulum Beach by Mezzanine to show our new friends at Nah Uxibal around…

Tulum Beach view

Tulum Beach Debbie & AndreaI always love the refeshing and rehydrating Coco Frios – chilled fresh coconuts full of juice. Add some rum and you have a divine cocktail.

Tulum Beach coco frios vendor

Tulum Beach Coco Frios guy

Back at Soliman Bay, I am cruising through Ann Vanderhoff’s second book on their Caribbean adventures.   Spice Necklace book


Soliman sunset, birds in clouds


Soliman stormy sunrise kayakers, Beryl & mom

Soliman stormy sunrise kayakers, Beryl & mom 2Tropical showers bring brilliant rainbows…

Soliman Bay palm, big rainbow

Soliman Bay double rainbow

Soliman Bay rainbow, Mimi, kayaks

Soliman rainbow, Wally & Mimi

Soliman rainbow, palm, bird

The weather is here…  Soliman palm view, pretty water big

Soliman kayakers and sailboat

Soliman coco pretty waters

Soliman Bay weiner crab hunting, full moon

Soliman Bay View, rainbow in cloudsOur pilgrimage down to the south end of the beach to Chamico’s for fresh ceviche

Soliman Bay view from south to north

Chamicos mixta cevicheI always love seeing what creative children find to do on the beach…

Soliman Bay sand pyramidMuch to Wally’s dismay, I packed two metal detectors to hunt for treasure…

Soliman Bay treasure hunterMy big find – a $10 peso (about a dollar) and tons of beer tops and a few lost toys and trinkets. Sadly, no gold and no jewelry, but I had fun!

Jamie's $10 peso

Soliman Bay sunset, pelicans, pastels

Soliman Bay Sunrise, black and orangeThis is why you ALWAYS shake out your shoes before putting them on. Unfortunately I hadn’t, but fortunately it didn’t have room to sting my foot before I yanked off my water booty. Scorpion – not deadly but very painful.

Soliman Bay scorpion on stick

Soliman Bay pelican patrol

Soliman Bay pelican on rock

Soliman Bay palms vert  Soliman Bay palm tops hori

Soliman Bay low tide waters

Soliman Bay kiteboarder

We always enjoy massages by our Italian friend Lucia, Soliman Bay’s masseuse. She does massages in the shade of the palms or in her massage palapa behind Nah Lu’um Ka’an. Check out her Facebook page and like it at: Massage by Lucia sign

Massage by Lucia, back view  Massage by Lucia side view

Soliman Bay kayaks and cocos

Soliman Bay heavenly clouds 2

Soliman Bay heavenly clouds 1

Lila, our guest resident artist from New York… plein air painting on the beachNah Uxibal Lila painting, back view

Nah Uxibal Lila painting side view

Nah Uxibal Lila contemplating

Soliman Bay dark, light & aqua

Soliman Bay bright sunset cloudsSkip with Javier and Victoria’s newest adorable grandbaby

Skip and bambino

Nah Uxibal fish rockOne afternoon we went to Maya Tulum Spa to have massages, and while we were waiting for our time, I glimpsed some activity at the beach. It was a swimsuit photo shoot, and what a gorgeous setting and girls! We later found out it was a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot. These were taken with my cell phone, so not best quality – sorry guys! Here’s the link to check out Maya Tulum’s Spa,

Maya Tulum SI view

Maya Tulum SI photo shootThe mangroves between the highway and Soliman Bay are a stopover for many migrating birds.

Egrets in mangrovesHanging out with Casa Corazon friends

Corazon, Wally, Donna and friend

Corazon daschund lady

Wally, fly fishing couple

Soliman Bay full moon, pink silhouette

ghost crab

ghost crab going away

 Mimi and crab

Mimi digging, bay view

Wally face closeup

Wally and Mimi

Happy Valentine’s Day from Soliman Bay!

Valentines heart, Uxibal

Nah Uxibal heart & house hori, 8"

A touching Valentine’s Day gift from Javier and Victoria…

Roses and palms

Jamie and Wally, SolimanFull moon rising over Punta Soliman on Valentine’s Day…

Nah Uxibal, Soliman Bay full moon risingOur Nah Uxibal friends gathered for a group shot on the beach

Nah Uxibal Feb group picLos amigos…

Ana & Michael 2

Beryl & Leslie 1

B.C. sisters

Woodstock 4 best

Soliman Bay full moon over point, pastels

I’ll post some of our restaurant excursions in their own posts… until next time…

Hasta Luego!

Uxibal palapa hammock feet

Soliman palms blog banner

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Last Day on Soliman Bay…

Travel blog mexico banner, lh left

Our 11 days had flown by – as it always does. We re-connected with old friends, met some new ones, and had some great get-togethers and adventures.

Our last morning on Soliman Bay, Mexico dawned calm and sunny, making it even harder to go. The bay was like glass and was perfect for a morning swim and snorkel, or taking a kayak out to the reef. I took a walk along the beach to capture a few parting shots…

Soliman Bay morning calm

Soliman Bay bird hunting, calm waters

Soliman Bay sandpipers vert

Soliman Bay sandpipers flying

Soliman Bay beach curve

Soliman Bay pink house

Soliman Bay turtle nest marker

Soliman Bay floats, beach view

How sad to say goodbye to our Nah Uxibal chaise gathering spot…

Nah Uxibal morning chaises

Bye Bye sweet Mimi! (sleeping in the chaise lounge)

Nah Uxibal palapa, chaises, blue sky

Nah Uxibal palapa tops clsup  Big House, nice light

Nah Uxibal in sand

Our parting picture ~ time to load up and head for the airport. : (

Jamie and Wally good pic, Uxibal Aug

But we’ll be back!

Nah uxibal from water, kayak pting

Our paradise ~ Soliman Bay, Mexico

Visit to learn more about staying at this slice of heaven

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Nah Lu’um Ka’an, The House of Earth & Sky: Soliman Bay, Mexico

Soliman View from Ka'an, banner

A lovely beachfront vacation rental, Nah Lu’um Ka’an, Mayan for “The House of Earth & Sky”, is located on Soliman Bay, Mexico, between Tulum and Akumal. You have the peace and serenity of a private beach and the convenience of close proximity to both towns.

For vacation rental inquiries, visit

This lovely property is also being offered for sale by owner. Visit this link for more info:

~ ~ ~

The view from Nah Lu’um Ka’an will keep you transfixed…

Ka'an view to Soliman point

Another awesome sunrise – the sun rises over Punta Soliman and burns its way upward…

Soliman Bay Sunrise 3

Soliman Bay Sunrise 8