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Arizona Travels, Around Sedona

Since Wally is out in Arizona with his cousins stalking elk and quail near Happy Jack, I thought I’d share some snapshots from our visits to Arizona the past few years. His cousins live in Phoenix, so we can fly into there on Southwest and then explore new places.

montezuma, jamie and wally

In 2010 we headed north, stopping off at Montezuma’s Castle, a ancient Indian cliff dwelling just minutes off the main highway and worth the stop.

montezuma's castle hor closeup

Montezuma's Castle, AZ


monte, hori from trees

We then went on to Sedona where we stayed a few nights, using it as our base for our trip to the Grand Canyon. For this post I’ll just include pictures of Montezuma’s Castle and the Sedona area.

The Red Rocks around Sedona are amazing and I love all the art galleries. Copper wind chasers covered one yard at a strip of galleries and I had to take a picture of all of them. The airport sits on top of a hill and is a great view to see the valley.

sedona mtns, pines

Sedona store, garden area

sedona store, old signs

Sunrise from the Airport Road with hot air balloons taking off in the valley. Wow!


sedona sunrise, 2 balloons

sedona sunrise, ballon shad 2

sedona sunrise, balloon over buttes

Fog creeping out of Oak Creek Canyon

sedona sunrise, fog in oak ck vall

sedona sunrise, fog on valley

sedona sunrise, jamie, wally

sedona sunrise, mtnssedona sunrise, prickly pear

sedona, bottles on wall

sedona-old tool parts framed

sedona, big chick, red buttes

Sedona, big chicken, chuckwagon

sedona, boy, dog, fish bronze

sedona, children's bronze

sedona, chilis & red rocks

sedona, coffeepot dining room

sedona, coffeepot ext


Great local restaurant, The Coffee Pot for all meals – take an appetite!

sedona, coffeepot sign

sedona, coffeepot, dining

sedona, horse bits framed

sedona, horses, windchaser

sedona, colorful windchaser

sedona, jamie on tree, butttes

sedona, multiple vert windchasers

sedona, moon:stairs windchaser

sedona, soda signs

sedona, tulip winchaser

sedona, sunset on buttes

sedona, vert single windchaser

sedona, vert, 3 windchasers

sedona, wally happy

sedona, wally in store

sedona, wheel windchaser

We stayed at the Sedona Motel – it was reasonably priced, had a great view, and was in walking distance to several restaurants. It could use some updating, but for the money, it was fine.

sedona motel


sedona motel sign

sedona, ufo store

slide rock apple barn sideSlide Rock State Park in Oak Creek Canyon is a great way to spend a hot summer day with the family. Pack a picnic, swimsuits and go relax!

slide rock chute with people

slide rock chute, bc guy

slide rock from top

slide rock creek, wally

slide rock homestead

slide rock view of mtn

slide rock water wheel

slide rock, butterfly

slide rock, cardinal flower

sedona, windchaser, mtns

Can’t wait to visit again!

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