Tulum, Mexico

We have been visiting Tulum, Mexico for the past eight years and I usually snap photos when downtown. An eclectic mix of Americans, Europeans, and Mexicans, Tulum is a colorful and interesting town. There’s a diverse mix of restaurants including Mexican, Italian, French, South American, Thai, Chinese and more so you can always find something new to taste.

tulum streets

The Tulum Ruins on the edge of town is a must-see but I recommend going early in the morning when it’s cooler and before the tour bus crowds start arriving  from Cancun. Pack a backpack with water and a snack, a towel and your bathing suit and walk down the steps to the sugar soft beach to rest and relax in the surf.

Tulum ruins, hori, from water

Here are snapshots from around Tulum “Pueblo” or town. Tulum Beach is about a mile or so away and offers boutique hotels, restaurants, spas and I’ll feature it later.

If you are looking for quality Mexican handcrafts to take home, be sure and visit Mixik on the right side of the road next door to Charlie’s Restaurant. Many of the other little shops have Mexican items that are made in cooperatives inland and then dispersed along the tourist areas. You will find some nice handmade items made by individuals here and there at the shops.

Mixik exterior

mixik blouses

Mixik dead:candles  mixik hori painting, head

mixik pottery

mixik sign corner, vert

mixik vertical pottery:painting

Around town..

pollo bronco sign

sombreros blankets & hammock

Mini super lupitas

Charlie’s Restaurant has been a mainstay in Tulum for years… They generally have local art displayed and a nice show on the weekends. I love their cilantro lime sauce for fish and the mole dishes are a favorite as well.

charlies sign



charlie's bouys

Charlies angel face wall

Charlies art wall

charlies bottle wall

Charlies grotesque masks

Charlies guac, chips & tequila sunrise

charlies shell lattice  Corona extra cooler

fish market fish mural

fish market tulum ruins pic

If you see the big ice cream cone, head in for some yummy Italian gelato!

gelato cone

La Nave has also been in Tulum as long as we have been visiting. A year or two ago they switched sides of the street and are now on the right hand side of the road.

La Nave

We like their pescador pizza which has fresh seafood on a hand-tossed crust.

Le Nave italian pizza

Le Nave Pescatora pizza

leather woodburned hangings

medicine plant, serape

mexi blankets hanging

mexi pottery 2

mexi pottery plates

Tulum fruit stand

Tulum banana trees in yard

There’s a little park next to the HSBC bank with these neat Mayan carved statues.

tulum park 2 figure carving

tulum park maya child carving

tulum park maya calendar

tulum park jaguar

tulum park calendar, figure

Tulum, apartments, crazy wires

tulum souvenir shop

tulum ruins mural, tulum

Tulum pink and green house & bouganvilla

A typical Mayan/Mexican local home ranges from a shack to concrete block apartments.

Tulum, Liz & Nett, traditional Maya house

tulum, block apts

Look at those electrical wires! Cetli Restaurant is located a block of the main drag on the right side of the road. We haven’t eaten there but they are highly rated for their gourmet Mexican cuisine.

Tulum, Cetli corner

Urge Taquito is on the right side of the road as you get to Tulum. They are great to go eat at or to get an order to go – for cheap! Their fried fish tacos are great. A condiment bar is in the middle of the restaurant and you can load all your favorite toppings. They also have about six different kinds of sauces. I love their Caribbean sauce which is sweet and soury. Their ceviche is very good.

  Urge billboardUrge ceviche

urge fish tacos

Urge shirt back

Urge specials

Urge palapa tables

Ever wonder where all the old VWs went? To Mexico!

tulum, VW van

weary traveler sign

That’s all for now! Back to the beach on Soliman Bay at our favorite vacation casa, Nah Uxibal… www.nahuxibal.com

Nah Uxibal, Margarita, Canciones from water

red hammock wide view

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